The madding crowd

Oh god, if this is what The Economist is going to pass off as informed debate then letting my subscription lapse was an incredibly wise financial and emotional decision. I have to wonder if people like Boaz and Kamarck get their jobs because of or in spite of inane, ideological drivel? Obama is a failure – and he’s a huge failure – because he’s working within the frame established by asshats like these two.

The claims of some of his advocates in 2008 that no one could spend 12 years at the University of Chicago without absorbing some sense of the benefits of markets, the limits of government and the hard lessons of the 20th century now seem as off-base as Ben Stein’s buy recommendation on Merrill Lynch in late 2007. ~Boaz

Oh no, he obviously absorbed them real good. I’m not sure what “hard lessons” of the 20th century Boaz is talking about, but Chicago School neo-liberalism ain’t the answer to any of them. That’s not opinion, it’s fact because i’ve yet to be shown an example where it actually works and does anything except benefit a few soft-handed grafters at the top. (Though i’ll say that it is not the only way to have free markets, and the problem isn’t with markets but with Chicago school interpretations of how they work and what they mean.)

Seriously, where do these people get off suggesting that Obama’s some sort of evil socialist. He’s done nothing to warrant it and has proven his fealty to markets, corporations and the dementia of Milton Friedman every step of the way.

Kamarck’s just as bad. She puts together a laundry lists of hopes and dreams that she assumes Obama shares. Maybe she’ll reconsider after reading Boaz’s opening statement and realize that he really is just another Chicago Boy like the president before him and at least the president before that…and realistically the two presidents before that. We’re all Chileans now, somebody clue Ms. Kamarck in before she gets too high on unicorn farts.

So, my two cents. Obama’s a failure because he’ll keep on keepin on with the taking pieces of the foundation to build a new penthouse on top for his rich-fuck “friends”. And when the whole thing falls down he’ll be among the madding crowd bemoaning our poor fate and attempting to express disbelief that it all came to this. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on his intellectual ability and assume that he’ll be lying through his teeth. He knows, they all know. They just don’t fucking care because they assume that they’ll be spared. Hell, they probably will be. You won’t be, but that isn’t their problem…it’s yours.