TunesDay: Bohemian Rhapsody (ridiculous2sublime and back again)

Today we celebrate one of the greatest, and most improbable, moments in the history of rock.

Let’s begin with the Mnozil Brass:

Then there’s the Muppets:

And the UC Men’s Octet (2003):

This bit of silliness is for Brian.

Ummm, not sure what the hell to make of this.

The Ten Tenors:

Old School Computer Mix (this is just feckin’ brilliant):

Another a capella take, this time from FORK:

This, from Hayseed Dixie, was completely uncalled for:

And there’s more, oh so much more. But let’s close with the original:

Happy TunesDay, folks.

Thanks to bella ragazza for the inspiration.

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  1. Just when I thought my head was going to come off, you provide this …

    Thank you so very much.