ArtSunday: Amalgam

Here follow many of my favorite painters, illustrators and photographers. This comprehensive list
was lovingly compiled—be sure to click on the images or names to see and learn more. Enjoy! ∞

Ansel Adams

Ernie Barnes

Romare Bearden

Julian Beever

Ryan Bliss

A. Nicholas Cargo

Todd Caudle

Richard Corben

Robert Crumb

Salvador Dalí

Mike Dashow

Jack Davis

Roger Dean

Daniel Dociu

Mort Drucker

Will Elder

Chris Eliopoulos

Jürgen Eilts

M. C. Escher

Richard Estes

Frank Frazetta

Vlad Gerasimov

H. R. Giger

Jean “Moebius” Giraud

Rob Gonsalves

Kai Griffin

Winslow Homer


Edward Hopper

Kristin J. Hurlin

Al Jaffee

Nicario Jiménez

Josh Kirby

Tom Kirsch

Stevon Lucero

Brianna Martray

Angus McKie

Syd Mead

Joan Miró

Claude Monet

Moyo Ogundipe

Norman Rockwell

Tom Sanford

Zina Saunders

Ward Sutton

Ásmundur Þorkelsson

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Boris Vallejo

Wendy Watson

Michael Whelan

Bernie Wrightson

Jacek Yerka

8 comments on “ArtSunday: Amalgam

  1. You know, damn. Not only is this a hellacious list of artists, but the post itself just LOOKS awesome. And while some readers are unfamiliar with what goes into crafting the images and formatting a post, I’m well aware of how much work you put into this.

    Many, MANY thanks.

  2. Coming a little late to this myself. (The title didn’t do it justice.) Much to explore here, to say the least. Thanks for sharing this, Mike.

  3. Dude, this is amazing. I’m not getting enough clicking through done because i just keep scrolling up and down looking at the post.

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