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What's it Wednesday

by Djerrid

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  1. No, it’s not a fan. But it IS constructed out of paper. It is actually a funeral shroud.

    There is a star cluster in what we call the Cepheus constellation which has become a meeting place for a specific branch of the TI known as the Fellowship of the Rose. This particular branch of TI is focused on Interconnectedness. The rose is a symbol, demonstrating how the whole (the rose) is greater than the sum of the parts (each petal). Indeed, the star cluster itself is contained within a nebula which has the appearance and color of a pink or red rose.

    As might be expected, many branches of TI use nebulae as meeting places as they are commonly the birthplaces of stars. And to paraphrase the noted TI scholar, Carl Sagan, we are all made up of star stuff. Considering the vast distances involved for many TI members, these meetings tend to be only held for very significant events. One such event is the death of a ranking member of the inner circle.

    There is a long ceremony involving many esoteric rites that likely wouldn’t have much meaning to those of us on Earth. However, one aspect of the Rose Fellowship ceremony is clear. The deceased is wrapped from head to foot in white cloth. The head is covered with the paper shroud shown in this picture (clearly, a stylized rose, complete with thorns and leaves). Then the body is encased in a metal “coffin” and launched back into a newly born star, thus returning the “star stuff” from whence it came.

  2. I wish I could. But there are some things that even this humble reporter can’t ferret out. This faction is pretty large, though, and I suspect they are actually more than just a single branch. All I’ve been able to figure out is, the inner circle of this particular group has thirteen members representing five different races. Two members are, for all practical purposes, immortal. And one member, has been missing for the last three thousand years. Somehow, they are still very sure that s/he is still alive after all this time, held in stasis in some unknown corner of the universe. How they determined this, I have no idea.

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