Deterrence and disarmament: Are they both magical thinking?

THE DEPROLIFERATOR — More loose nuclear ends. . .

• In 1982 the well-known astrophysicist and science popularizer Carl Sagan coined the term “nuclear winter” to describe the environmental effects of nuclear war. Since then, like climate change, it’s garnered its share of deniers. In the recent Scientific American, Alan Robock and Owen Brian Toon write (emphasis added):

People have several incorrect impressions about nuclear winter. One is that the climatic effects were disproved; this is just not true. Another is that the world would experience “nuclear autumn” instead of winter. But our new calculations show that the climate effects even of a regional conflict [such as between India and Pakistan] would be widespread and severe. … far more than enough to destroy agriculture worldwide. … Even the warheads on one missile-carrying submarine could produce enough smoke to create a global environmental disaster.

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