Nota Bene #100: Il Planetario di Figaro

Wow, 100 issues of Nota Bene! Props to Russ for helping me for a while with this nifty little S&R feature. Never mind all that now, let’s get on with this issue. “What splendid buildings our architects would be able to execute if only they could finally be less obedient to gravity!” Who said it? The answer is at the end of this post. Now on to the links! … “The Fed played a role by promoting the most dangerous financial innovations used by institutions to fuel the housing bubble” … “We witnessed heartbreaking scenes where an estimated 10,000 disabled children and grandchildren were born to veterans of the conflict” … “I felt like I grew up in the center ring of a three-ring circus” … “We Chinese are intimately acquainted with this authoritarian arrogance” … “For nights I would wake up focused on that small but heavy glass mug with the ice sliding from it, and the first sip of root beer” … “Everything in the past 10 years was a complete disappointment” … “Some officials are concerned that the administration may be going too far” … “It will be interesting to see how the Canadians deal with this issue going forward” … “Allow me to choose four, five or even nine men, just as my wildest imagination shall choose” … “We’ve had swine flu, bird flu—why not octopus flu?” … “I have lost count of how many times we have heard that the al Qaeda Number 3 has been killed” … “I think tips provided in the pamphlet are not good in terms of preventing anyone from going down the road” … “A maximum-likelihood estimate of how long it will take to recover is—forever” … “A spokesman for the FBI said he doesn’t recall a bank robbery that involved a minor, let alone two girls” … “This is incredibly depressing for the country” … “The first time an opera has been performed in a planetarium” … “If that’s all that stands in the way between him being inducted into Cooperstown, we should all forgive him” … “Our government now has a number of detention facilities that could house hundreds of thousands of people” … “Make no mistake—our future is on the line” … “These Wall Street vampire-billionaires really exist” … “Carew’s stunt is just the latest in a long line of literary hoaxes” … “College sports is widely viewed as an out-of-control train on a collision course with academia” … “It’s a little disturbing that the city spends $1 million on such a controversial item” … “I’ve been able to walk in Stalin’s shoes and Hitler’s shoes to understand their point of view” … “Officials are concerned that some banks reward executives for increasing profits in the short term even if those executives also are increasing the company’s risk of losses in the long term” … “Police were investigating the death of a man who became a millionaire when he was 17” … “He found Condé’s actions ‘unbelieveable when you consider the kind of images that are in Condé Nast magazines‘” … “In the intelligence business, bigger is not necessarily better” … “it was not about art its about no morals and values and shoving his HOMOSEXUALITY down our throats” … “He’s different, he’s gutsy and he’s going to make a number of Republicans mad” … “We want the ability to buy and sell electricity in case it becomes part of our portfolio” … “Profile the swarthy!” … “Haugsgjerd said it seemed ‘natural and justified to republish the artistic and journalistic body of work that is likely the cause of this violence‘” … “It just feels like things are finally being righted” … “This location, believed the source for the first meteorite found to carry evidence of Mars life to Earth, is fed directly by a channel named after the late Orson Welles” … “We were machine-gunned like dogs and had to remain hidden under our seats to avoid the bullets” … “Wall Street is talking up the recovery because it would like to sell stocks” … “I caused a mass riot in India” … “This is quite a remarkable discovery” … “Honest Injun on that” … “The next step will be to make rud
eness a criminal offense” … “The Big Argument is only just starting” … “Why do you want to meet someone like that for?” … “I know everybody has their demons, but he’s wrestling with some serious stuff” … “Let’s see that birth certificate, Freddy” … “What’s up, my reggin?” … “He dangles from rearview mirrors, appears in video games and crops up in film and on television” … “You have to be ready to embarrass yourself and good things come” … This issue’s quote was from M.C. Escher … And finally, “Imagine being a kid in 1978 and licking several tabs of acid while snuggled in your Star Wars blankie.” ∞

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