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Haiti Relief

Haiti is so obviously beyond words that I’m not going to bother to even try. If you want to support relief efforts, may I suggest Paul Farmer’s outfit, Partners in Health, who have been operating in Haiti for some time. Farmer’s work in Haiti was the subject of a book by Tracy Kidder, Mountains Beyond Mountains. Their direct link to Haiti Relief is here.

And if you think speaking French is advantageous here, which it probably is, there’s Doctors without Borders, who also already have people there on the ground. Their Haiti donation link is here.

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  1. The response was overwhelming for my personal fundraiser. I issued three challenges, one was 3X oversubscribed, one was complete in 4 hours, and one received no response, not one. Still, it was a smashing success,and although I’m much poorer, I’m richer in so many ways. I’m maxed out right now with matching the #X, but it feels so good.