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New Year's Day open thread: what's your resolution?

Happy 2010, folks. We hope everybody’s football schedule runneth over.

If you have a minute, how about telling us what your New Year’s resolution is? Maybe we can all be one great big mutual support group, huh?  🙂

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  1. I want to lock in on a time frame for graduation. The “about 2.5 years” thing isn’t fooling me or anyone else anymore.

  2. Become a better husband. Wait, I’m already great at that (you laugh). How about become a better father? Yeah, definitely could use some work.

  3. Be meaner. The days of professional weirdness are long passed. It’s time for us assholes to turn pro, otherwise the meanness will be left to the politicians and CEO’s.

    And buy a Kalishnikov (mostly for the sake of accessorizing the truck properly)

  4. Lex wrote:

    And buy a Kalishnikov

    I know some of S&R’s staff own guns. I’d honestly like to make purchasing a quality shotgun to defend the family in case of “societal breakdown” one of my resolutions. Not the kind of resolve my wife would like to see in me, though.

  5. If a man is to have just one gun, a 12-gauge shotgun is the gun to have. The versatility of being able to hunt birds or stop a car with the same tool is unmatched; it should be the gun of choice for home defense/societal breakdown preparedness.

    The AK is more a whim, because it represents the crazies and the underdogs, because it’s an example of perfection through simplicity…but really, because it matches the truck. Even more so if i have it painted this year (It will be WWII vintage Imperial Japanese Army “olive” with matte black trim). My Robin hates the truck painting plan. She feels it will be offensive to Pacific Theater WWII vets…i think they’re probably past the point of caring.

  6. I resolve to be more polite in dealing with others.

    As far as guns are concerned, a 12 ga shotgun is nice as long as it’s a semi auto. However, a Bushmaster version of the AR-15 is probably a better bet.
    The Bushmaster is not inexpensive, but it will not let you down……and the ammo is very cheap if you look for sales. Instead of getting a pistol, you might want to look at a version of the Mac 11 which is still available on the used market, cheap. The intimidation factor of these weapons cannot be underestimated.

    Happy new years to y’all.