Nota Bene #98: A More Glorious Dawn Awaits

“The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” Who said it? The answer is at the end of this post. Now on to the links! … “One guy is setting actual policy, and one guy is re-pimping his old ideas in front of a crowd of glad-handers” … “Today America got a big win” … “This city could soon be the largest in the nation without a single bookseller” … “The devil’s in the fees” … “Major chemical companies will have no choice but to join him in bio-plastics” … “More than one-fifth went on to commit new crimes” … “It is a myth that women are better off under the new government than the Taliban” … “The star has agreed to promote Sobieski Vodka” … Carl Sagan“The former cabinet minister who told me that Gordon Brown would be ‘an absolute disaster’ has outed himself” … “It’s a bit curious that the software can’t recognize African-American faces” … “Federal prosecutions soared” … “This is arguably the best solar land in the world” … “He called elements of the House bill wacky and socialist” … “Finci was informed that he was ineligible because he was a Jew” … “Microsoft must pay more than $290 million” … “Michelle and I just got the shots ourselves” … “He’ll get $73,200,000 as compensation for a job well done” … “Tens of thousands of women and young girls have been assaulted, kidnapped, raped and mutilated” … “I am seriously concerned that the health reform bill violates the Constitution” … “An inside view of the lives of Secret Service agents” … “Winehouse heckled a production of Cinderella … “People realize that I’m a great player, and one moment doesn’t define a person’s career” … “Kane dutifully assured senators he supported the program, notwithstanding Reagan’s stated desire to eliminate it” … “Opposition politicians blamed the president for the killing” … “Michael Jackson’s Neverland Favorites” … “There is no Boys Choir of Harlem” … “Obama’s critics will be remembered as easily panicked and prematurely discouraged at best and shriveled hatemongers at worst” … “For someone opposed to the immorality and hedonism that he sees embraced in rap lyrics, O’Reilly knows how to start a hip-hop-style feud” … This issue’s quote was from Thomas Jefferson … And finally, “Symphony of Science is a project designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form.” ∞

4 comments on “Nota Bene #98: A More Glorious Dawn Awaits

  1. The Jefferson quote is tragic in more ways than we might realize. During his time journalism had no real professional standards and no concept of “objectivity” (a flawed idea in many ways, but when it comes to reporting not an unworthy ideal). In the aftermath of the Yellow Journalism wars the industry evolved standards and ethical codes aimed at driving professional, ethical reportage, and it was this mode of journalism that dominated the 20th Century. That is, up until Reagan came along and dismantled the public interest standard. That was when it was decreed that “the public interest is what the public is interested in,” and while it only applied to the world of broadcasting, it set in motion a rush to the lowest common denominator that couldn’t help but impact print, as well. When the same principles (if I might so abuse the word) were allowed to govern Internet development, we quickly found ourselves back in the world that Jefferson was lamenting – only a brazilian times worse.

    There is literally no hope for the soul of our republic so long as our press/media are built on such an outrageous interpretation of the “free market.”

  2. But worse still is a populace the majority of whom accept the swill without a nagging doubt! Just imagine the legions of swallowers of the garbage of Rush, Glen, Hannity and their ilk. If any of them, the swallowers that is, paid a scintilla of attention to the quest for truth we might have many nice things, i. e., proper universal health care, a better education system and so forth. (Sigh!) We might even have legislatures that work, if you can imagine that!

  3. Unfortunately, too many Americans subscribe to the idea that ignorance is bliss, and that the more ignorant one can be the more blissful he can become. (note: i use the word “ignorance” with an emphasis on its root, which does not suggest passively not-knowing but actively ignoring)

  4. “The star has agreed to promote Sobieski Vodka”

    I thought you meant young movie and TV star, Lee Lee Sobieski, not Bruce Willis.

    “This is arguably the best solar land in the world”

    This one’s tough to figure. It’s like environmentalism versus environmentalism.

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