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TunesDay: the best CDs of 2009 – a Super-Platinum showcase

Earlier I had all kinds of nice things to say about our Super-Platinum LP recipients. So now let’s take a few minutes and enjoy a little video concert featuring these outstanding bands. Up first, this is Jets Overhead with “Heading for Nowhere.”

Up next, here’s “My Secret Friend,” a gender-bending duet (and Song of the Year candidate) featuring IAMX and Platinum LP winner Imogen Heap.

Hmmm – maybe time for something a little more uplifting? Here’s Adam Marsland extolling the virtues of rank dishonesty:

The lead single from Silversun Pickups’ Swoon is another Song of the Year candidate. This is “Panic Switch.”

Let’s do a couple more, shall we? This is IAMX again, with “Think of England.”

And we’ll close with the title track from Jets Overhead’s latest, “No Nations.”

Hope you enjoyed it. And please, this isn’t about us, it’s about the music. Give these bands a listen and tell your friends about the things you think they might like. The “music business” has abandoned music, so the Internet and word-of-mouth are the only hope a talented artist has anymore.

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