Solstice 2009


Daylight and streetlight
do a slow crossfade
as the clock tower
counts to six.
December raindrops grow sluggish
at 33 Fahrenheit,
like eyelids thinking
of long, cold sleep.

Their frozen dreams must be like prayer,
the faith in a sunburst eternal morning
and the silvergreen ricochet
from one crystal minaret
to another,
purple, gold,
and the trumpetfall of water
on water;

or maybe,
in that last degree before dark,
they sing the litany of falling,
of rising to fall again,

a hymn in the throats of the celebrants,
a benediction like the sea…

For our readers everywhere, we at Scholars & Rogues wish you a Happy Solstice.

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  1. Here at 46.5′ latitude, the sun has decided to let us know that it will not be conquered. It might be a short stay for the moment, but it’s currently shining brightly in a clear, blue sky.

    I should have built a snow fort on the beach (which faces East, South East) with a slit cut to capture the first rays of sunrise today, got all ancient on the holidays if you will.

  2. You know, Uncle Joe Stalin was born on the 21st of December. Does that make him equivalent to all the other world saviors “born” in timing with the Winter Solstice?

    Which brings new depth to my proposed bumper sticker: “WWJSD?”

    • What would Joseph Stalin do? Dang, Lex, why not add WWAPD, WWEAD, WWSHD, WWAHD, WWATHD, and WWGKD to the list of proposed bumper stickers while you’re at it? That’s Augusto Pinochet, Edi Amin, Saddam Hussen, Adolph Hitler, Attila the Hun, and Ghengis Kahn, respectively.