Happy Holidays – iPhone art style

by mentalswitch

Here are two more from the iPhone-only gallery.  Don’t worry, the second one is more innocuous…

Happy holidays!

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  1. That first picture might be the just the mythological character needed for my planned conversion of the solstice holiday to one honoring Josef Stalin. Ilya the Lubyanka Bunny or something like that. Good little boys and girls will get some sort of glory of the Soviet State, while the bad little bastards…well, there’s no telling what might happen in Ilya’s basement. But rest assured, Ilya never makes mistakes. And nothing keeps rugrat behavior in line like the possibility of an electric drill through the knee cap, eh?

    He sees you when you’re sleeping
    You’ll scream yourself awake.
    He’s the enemy of the bourgeoisie
    And he never makes mistakes.

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