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What Monckton's AFP event would have looked like if real Nazis had invaded instead of nonviolent climate activists

Last week, Lord Christopher Monckton accused a group of young climate activists who invaded an Americans for Prosperity (AFP) event where he was speaking of being “Hitler Youth” three times – twice caught on video (see these two posts from last week) and then at least twice on the Science and Public Policy Institute blog here and here (and he denied making the claim at an Associated Press event over the weekend). Clearly Monckton believes that the activists are behaving as the Nazis would.

Monckton is wrong. Temporarily taking over a meeting, chanting, and disturbing the organizers and invited speaker (Monckton) is not what the Nazis would have done. As someone who studied the history of Nazism and fascism in college, allow me to describe what would have happened during the meeting had it been invaded by the Nazis. Just a warning – I’m not going to go into gory detail, but I’m not going to sugar coat this either, so some of what I describe below is unpleasant.

After talking to one of the activist organizers of the protest, only a few of the approximately 50 activists would have been in the Hitler Youth – most were adults (over 18), so they would have been in the Sturmabteilung (SA, aka brownshirts), the Nazi party militia, or the Schutzstaffel (SS) state security organization instead of the Hitler Youth. Furthermore, about a third were non-white, about half were non-Christian, and about half were women. The SA was composed entirely of men, all white (the few non-whites living in Germany at the time were outcasts and wouldn’t have been granted membership in the SA), and Christian. The SS would have been even more restrictive.

But perhaps for the purposes of this example, we can assume that all 50 activists would have been SA or SS members.

The SA wouldn’t have come in wearing their day clothes – they would have been wearing brown shirts as part of a standard militia uniform that made them more terrifying. They also would have had someone watching the event and not entered until after Monckton had started speaking, assuming that he was their target. And when they entered, they would have been carrying weapons.

After they entered the meeting, the SA would probably have waited for someone to panic and try to run. When that happened, the SA would have attacked everyone and everything in the room, using knives, truncheons, pipes, and fists.

Let’s start with Monckton. He probably would have been attacked with knives and/or truncheons and either stabbed and beaten to death outright or injured so severely that it would have taken a miracle for him to survive long enough to reach a hospital.

The AFP organizer probably would have been hauled out, thrown to the ground, and kicked and stomped literally senseless. He might have died from his injuries, but not intentionally killed unless he’d been a serious thorn to the SA in the past. If he had been a bother to the SA in the past, then he’d probably have had his skull crushed.

The other AFP members would have been beaten and driven out of the hotel bloodied and broken. All would have needed medical attention, some might have died from their beatings or having been stabbed. Those that recovered would have been injured badly enough that they might not have been able to walk again, or have lost the use of an arm, or have sustained brain damage, or have lost an eye, or been permanently deafened.

The attendees might have had a chance to escape, but even the ones that escaped would have been bloodied and might have broken limbs and serious cuts that would need medical attention. Given that there appears to have been only five actual attendees, they all probably would have been as injured as the other AFP members mentioned above.

The SA wouldn’t have stopped there, however. If they had today’s technology available to them, the probably would have grabbed one of the cameras and filmed the entire thing themselves. They also would have destroyed as much of the equipment they could get their hands on, throwing down lights, smashing cameras, and so on. In the process, the would have turned the lights and cameras and microphone cords into impromptu weapons, bludgeoning AFP members, hotel staff, and attendees with the cameras, possibly choking others with cords, and smashing lights down on their targets’ heads.

The SA wouldn’t have stopped there either. They would have dragged the hotel manager and assistant managers out into the street and beat them senseless as well. The probably would have been left alive, however, as a lesson to everyone who watched the beating.

In later years, when the SS was strong, this might have gone one step farther. The SS might have shown up at the hotel owner’s home after bed time, broken in, and efficiently killed everyone inside, leaving the bodies on the front lawn to be discovered by a family member, neighbor, or the regular police.

Now, you tell me – does what I just described sound at all like what happened at the AFP event? Monckton was allowed to continue talking. The AFP organizer was permitted to continue talking. The activists brought a sign (that was torn away by an AFP member), not truncheons or knives. The activists were of many ethnicities, religions, and wore regular clothing, not white Christians in uniforms. There was no violence at all, in fact – no one was beaten, stabbed, choked, or bludgeoned.

Calling what the activists did “fascist” or “Hitlerite” or Nazis shows a marked ignorance of just how terrible the Nazis and fascists really were, both on the part of Lord Monckton and his defenders.

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  1. I’m still waiting for that first post on Huffpo or Media Matters to actually list the name of the reporter, a full transcrip as well as video or audio of the conversation. I spoke to Monckton directly who said he was trying to say that he was not the first to compare the SustainUs kids to Hitler’s Youth. Until I hear or see taped evidence to the contrary, I’m going with Monckton’s versions of the story.

    I think it would behoove you to worry more about the climategate scandal and less about what amounts to unimportant gossip about the left-wing media’s favorite sketpic target.

    Just look at what Media Matters tried to do to Monckton:

    In attempting to take down Monckton’s reputation, they took down their own a notch.

    • Mark, did you watch the video of the event where Monckton is heard using the phrase “Hitler youth”? Is it possible that “three Germans and a Dane” gave him that before he walked up there? Possibly. But the fact of the matter is he has repeated the claim publicly at least four times, twice videotaped and twice on his SPPI blog. If he didn’t agree with the obviously false characterization, he wouldn’t continue to make the claim. And as I illustrated above, he’s still wrong about the activists.

      As for the CRU emails, there’s nothing there that impacts the integrity of the science. The scientists involved say so. The AP says so. The NYTimes says so. The Washington Post says so. The journal Nature says so. The American Meteorological Society says so. says so. The only thing that’s truly bad is the request to delete emails pertaining to an FOI request, and that has nothing to do with the science (and thus far the investigations at the universities involved haven’t completed, so we don’t know if any emails actually were deleted or not, although at least one of the scientists involved said he did not delete anything).

      ClimateGate/SwiftHack is a tempest in a teapot. Unless you believe that every one of those groups I mentioned above, plus all the IPCC authors, plus all the various national science academies around the world, plus scores of independent scientific organizations are all in on some giant conspiracy to commit mass murder or make everyone socialists and the like.

  2. No, a single Russian economist who is associated with the Cato Institute (an organization that opposes climate disruption legislation and treaties and is funded by Koch family oil money) has made that allegation. Thus far I know of no official Russian government statement regarding the CRU data, alleged cherry-picking, or what have you. At this point, there’s not enough information (in English, anyway) to assess the accuracy of the allegations, so treating them with skepticism would be prudent.

    Note also that Russia has an economic interest in seeing Copenhagen fail, as noted in this Daily Mail story on the report:

    The report was seized on by media with close ties to the Kremlin, which is opposed to rigid new curbs on carbon emissions demanded by many Western countries at the Danish summit.

    Most of Russia’s income is derived from oil and gas, which means its economy could be hit by curbs on carbon emissions.

  3. The activists are clearly narrowminded, selfish, and unable to accept dialogue contrary to their cult-like acceptance of global warming hype. If they weren’t behaving as Nazis, then what were they? Last time I checked, it is the right of anyone to express their ideas, whether anyone agrees with them or not; in fact, regardless of whether anyone agrees with them. They had no right to go in there and stifle the event the way they did. The IPCC and the globalists who wish to implement global taxation and destroy national sovereignty around the world already get enough airtime on mainstream media for their questionable ideas. Stifling a group of people and their right to free speech is nothing of which to be proud.