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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the envelope, please…

To quote one first-round upset victim, what a long, strange trip it’s been. Believe it or not, we have finally reached the end of the road.

And now, the winner of the Tournament of Rock – Legends, by a comfortable margin of 68% to 32%…


Pink Floyd.

We’d like to extend a big thanks to all of you who participated with your votes and comments, and I’d especially like to thank my co-director (who’d probably rather not be associated with this outcome, but too bad), Dr. Jim Booth.

Here is the final bracket. See you next time.

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  1. Same here. I felt like PF would win going in, but I wouldn’t have been surprised either way. That they beat The Stones this badly is something of a shocker, though.

    All I can do is speculate that the argument I was making about how Floyd’s legacy continues to grow while The Stones grow less relevant is something that others believed, as well. Hard to say.

  2. It’s been fun. I’d like to know about the overall numbers of voters who participated instead of just the percentages.

  3. I’d have to look back over the stats to be definitive, but we probably averaged 50 or so voters per contest. We had a low in the 20s, I think (not all of these contests seemed to motivate the voters, I fear) and we topped a couple hundred once, I think. In this last one we had an average turnout.

  4. “I can live with this. I think it would be cool if you guys did a Tournament of Movies”

    Yes. That would be fun!

    …and what about the greatest book ever written?

  5. We wouldn’t want Slammy doing the seating for a movie tournament because the top seeds would all go to obscure Keanu Reeves films. 😉

  6. Movies? Yes, because I want to be a part of it when Citizen Kane gets taken out in the first round by Porky’s 8. Books? Certainly we’re all looking forward to an epic confrontation between Faulkner and that whitebread woman behind the Twilight series. Vegetarian vampire my simple country ass…..

  7. Well actually I think it’s about time comedy’s get more respect. How many times do you watch Citizen Kane? I watch Caddyshack at least 4 times a year. And I’ll be watching Christmas Vacation this week.

    “Merry Christmas the Shitter is Full” Now that’s poetry