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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Grand Final

Perhaps it says something about perceived influence at the present time, or maybe it just means that people like listening to Pink Floyd more than they do The Who (although the producers of the CSI franchise would surely take issue). In any case, the results of our second semifinal are in, and I don’t think anyone is terribly surprised. Results: #2 Pink Floyd 65%; #3 The Who 35%.

On Monday morning the Grand Final will commence.

Whatever we may all have thought about the results of various pods along the way, however shocked or incensed we may have been at some of the upsets, however annoyed we might have gotten over the incursions of fan club voters, in the end this much is safe to say: there’s a very small handful of artists who belong in the conversation for the greatest band of all time, and I imagine our two finalists would appear on most people’s short lists.

It’s The Rolling Stones vs. Pink Floyd. We’ll see you Monday.


Updated bracket:

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  1. I’m actually kind of shocked that the Stones are in the finals, they don’t even make my top 10.

  2. I had predicted Stone vs. Beatles. I was half right. Good thing I picked the right half.

    It’s only rock n roll, folks–but I like it.

    • When we started this thing, I said that there was one band that I thought had a chance to beat The Beatles. We’ll never know, since The Who beat them. I didn’t announce who I thought this band was because, well, my opinion seems to be the kiss of death around here. I did tell some other people so that I’d have witnesses if it came to pass.

      After we have our winner, I’ll reveal that prediction.

  3. Well, I’ve had a lot of fun with this. It has caused some reevaluations and I’ve discovered a couple new bands along the way. Thanks guys. I’m looking forward to the early-rock tournament.