Christmas music (10)–Best Christmas album by someone whom you’ve probably never heard of, and you probably need to order it off their website

Nowell, by Glenda Dove, Mitzie Collins, and Roxanne Ziegler. Who also did Ornaments, and Rejoice. Who? I have no idea, except that they seem to live in upstate New York, and their album is on Sampler Records, out of Rochester, New York, and Sampler has a website. Order all three. I bought this record about fifteen years ago (on vinyl!), and loved it, and it’s still great. Harp, dulcimer and flute, that’s it. Some great jazzy arrangements too, and the song selection ranges from medieval to recent–they cover the lot. Some of the arrangements are just stunning. I’m listening to it right now, in fact. You should see their picture. They look as if they like nothing better than playing pretty music, making apple pie, and looking for a nice scrap for the center of the quilt. And probably making samplers for their grandchildren. In fact, they look just like us. Or some of us, anyway. Just load these babies up in your iPod and you won’t listen to anything else for days.

That’s it for today, being a day of rest and all.