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Tournament of Rock – Legends: The Rolling Stones vs The Police

Results: When you saw that two legendary bands were going head to head you probably expected a slugfest. Hopefully you weren’t disappointed by what proved to be the tightest match we’ve seen. In the end, Pink Floyd nudged ahead for an extremely narrow win. The numbers: #2 Pink Floyd 52%; #1 Led Zeppelin 48%. Floyd is into the Final Four.

Up next, our search for the greatest band of all time takes you to the Budokan regional final. Do The Police have one more (really huge) upset left in them? We’ll soon find out.

#2 The Rolling Stones: Listen #4 The Police: Listen

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Polls close Wednesday morning.

The updated bracket looks like this:

Image credit: Raymond Pronk.

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  1. Owie owie owie.

    Having been interested in… okay, infatuated with… fine, TRULY DEEPLY MADLY IN LOVE with Stewart Copeland since the age of 14, this one was personal.

    Stupid Stones. My button-pushing finger hurts.

  2. This was entirely predictable — LOL!

    The Rolling Stones against The Beatles!

    Gosh, let me guess …

    No, don’t tell me! I got this one!

    Great tourney. I especially enjoyed the beginning sections, was introduced to a lot of musicians I wasn’t familiar with.

  3. Kinda tough one, I like both bands, but find myself disliking the Stones more as I get older, while liking the Police a lot more as I age. On one had the Stones are huge, but on the other hand the Police are great musicians. Both bands of course have great songs. If I went with preference I’d take the Police, but I may have to think it over and weigh each bands influence.

  4. If the Stones were measured on influence, the Black Crows and Marian Faithful isn’t much of a track record. Consider also that the Police were only active between ’78 and ’83-ish.

  5. fikshun: The Beatles were only active between ’62 and ’70-ish. That dog won’t hunt….

    That said, I voted for The Rolling Stones. I’d offer a long, careful explanation – but I’m a Boomer, a musician, and a serious writer about rock music. That’s three strikes….

    The Stones are enormous in my generation’s consciousness – the only band bigger is the one Pink ^%$%$#$# Floyd will beat in the semis – if they don’t lose to The Who in the quarters.

    Ah, well, it’s only rock and roll….

  6. That last bit was sarcasm, right? About Pink Fucking Floyd beating The Beatles?

    The nuances of guy conversations are tough for me to grasp sometimes.

  7. I doubt it, Ann. I suspect that Jim’s serious, and I think that Floyd has a chance of beating them. I’d be amazed if The Who knocks off The Beatles, though.

    I’m surprised that the brackets are working out this way, though. At the moment, the upper bracket is a lot tougher than the lower one is, so I personally suspect that the winner of the upper bracket will take the tourny.