Christmas Music (3)–Best Christmas Revels album

Ah, a bit of a problem here. There’s a whole bunch of them, but they’re all only ok if you’ve actually ever attended a Revels. None of them quite captures the real spirit of a real Revels show, which itself is a joyful, chaotic affair of boundless good cheer, occasional sloppy singing, and a fair measure of audience involvement. That’s what I miss the most about not being able to go to them regularly now–the magical moments from a Revels show usually come when the audience is belting away at one of the carols, particularly Lord of the Dance or the Sussex Mummers Carol, or when everyone belts out Wolcum Yole! at the end of the wonderful Susan Cooper Poem, The Shortest Day, or in that particularly lovely part of the show when everyone in the audience is quietly tapping one foot to accompany that haunting recorder solo. And the CDs, fine as they are, just don’t capture that. Continue reading