Tournament of Rock – Legends: Pink Floyd vs Santana

Results: Those of you expecting surprises, please move along. Nothing to see here. The numbers: #1 The Beatles 67%; #4 Elvis Costello 33%. The Beatles advance to the Great Eight.

Up next, our search for the greatest Baby Boomer band of all time takes you to the Fillmore region, where the ToR’s upset king (and our lone remaining unseeded contestant) faces The Wall.

#2 Pink Floyd: Listen Santana/Carlos Santana: Listen

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Why are we in Colombia?

There has been a pretty steady drumbeat of news coming out of Latin America recently surrounding the possibility of war between Venezuela and Colombia. In most of this media coverage, the blame here has been placed pretty squarely on Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s president, who is portrayed as a possible warmonger against our valiant ally in the War on Drugs (TM), Colombia. However, recent developments have raised the somewhat alarming prospect of further destabilization in the region, and, not surprisingly, the US seems to be behind it all.

The story is fairly straightforward–the US and Colombia have signed a new agreement that would expand the ability of the US to station forces on Colombian territory, and the range of what possible military operations might be. Continue reading

Massive calculus and physics hoax exposed

Oh dear: Newtongate: the final nail in the coffin of Renaissance and Enlightenment ‘thinking’

It’s now clear that “Sir” Isaac Newton and a series of co-conspirators were guilty of several crimes against science, including:

  • Conspiring to avoid public scrutiny
  • Insulting dissenting scientists and equating them with holocaust deniers
  • Manipulation of evidence
  • Knowingly publishing scientific fraud
  • Suppression of evidence
  • Abusing the peer review system
  • Insulting their critics

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The intelligence of natural selection; Charles Darwin, Africa and human evolution

Outevolved...The first human-like creature to pick up a pointed stick and use it as a tool to slay another creature changed everything.  Instead of waiting for the accumulation of random genetic variations to impart gradually improving biological tools our creature could create tools itself.

The advantage to humans of being able to organise, teach and use weapons to catch food may initially have been slight.  That marginal advantage has allowed a single species to migrate, settle and dominate their entire planet; something unprecedented in all of Earth history.

The study of human evolution covers a period of six million years, during which a semi-upright-walking woodland ape eventually developed tools, learning, and culture, and survived ice-ages, earthquakes and climate disruption.  Adding to the complexity of this epic tale is that there appears to have been overlap between at least two intelligent species of human-like creatures in the last 50,000 years. Continue reading