What's It Wednesday

What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

It has been my honor to host these weekly Wednesday gatherings for nearly a year.

I arrived at S&R with a simple goal – I just wanted you to look. You all rose to the task every week with imagination, curiosity and humor.

You made my job easy.

These weekly photos explored the daily objects in my world. I revolve in a very small piece of this amazing planet and there is so much more to explore. After considerable thought I have decided to step aside in hopes that someone else may take up this banner. Art evolves because of the artist and I really want you to keep looking!

Thank you for sharing your Wednesdays with me. So rather than say farewell – I’ll just catch you all somewhere down the road… Dawn

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  1. Hey, 38 is not enough!

    I’ll put one up for next Wednesday. Anyone want to take it from there?

    And thanks Ann. These were great.

  2. You all just warm my heart that you want to keep playing… I’m so pleased because that means I get to play the game now!

    Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Awwwwww. I guess the TI figured I was getting a little too close. Hope I didn’t get you into TOO much trouble, Dawn. 🙂 Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Ubertramp – I owe you the biggest thank you of all. 🙂

    I did get recalled… they say I’m not in any trouble, but it looks like I’ll have to start this gig all over in another sector.

    Be well and may your imagination always take you to delightful places.

  5. Please don’t be a stranger, Dawn. And hope some of these other folks with photographic ability will keep your wonderful legacy to S&R alive.

  6. Dawn,

    Sorry to see you go. Thanks for all your work. You really made my Wednesdays this last year even if on some weeks I was traveling and my Wednesday had to wait until Friday like it did this week.

    Once again…THANKS 🙂

  7. Rho – it’s been my pleasure – and I think we all owe you the thanks for naming the Wednesday game!

  8. Thank You Dawn. I have really enjoyed your pictures and the replies 🙂 and I believe that is a white chocolate rose

  9. Oh, boy, totally late to this. Dawn, you’re leaving?! NOooooooo. But I hope that something astonishing lies ahead for you.

    You made so many Wednesdays a delight. Thanks!

  10. Maureen – thanks for the good wishes. I’m just blogging along in my own space for now. You know where to find me! 🙂 Thank you for all the links back to S&R – you’ve been a loyal fan.