Nota Bene #92: Echoblowcation

A few things for you NB readers: 1. NB is now numbered by year-issue instead of marked by date; 2. NB will continue to be issued weekly, but not necessarily on Monday night/Tuesday morning; 3. I liked last week’s format (quoted line from source) so much I’m repeating it. Enjoy! … “[O]ur recovery is likely to feel like something well short of good times” … “[T]here may be a biological advantage to fellatio” … “That motivates me more than anything else” … “‘What’s your name?’ a somber President asked as he extended his hand” … “Our plans go beyond serving food and marijuana” … “Is it worth having Tom Cruise as your news editor?” … “The vast majority of the weapons the Taliban are using are more than 40 years old” … “This really is propaganda for a healthy lifestyle because it is hard to imagine breakdancing having anything to do with drinking and dope” … “If I’m not going to wear number 23, then nobody else should be able to wear it” … “The odor of money hovers over the Blue Dogs” … “[W]e will not untie our ribbon until Saudi women enjoy their rights as adult citizens” … “He’s kind of mythical character you can glean lots of drama from” … “[T]hat’s why the Village destroyed Howard Dean” … “[W]hat we’re looking for are people with overwhelming personal problems and patterns of behavior that are not at all related to religion” … “[T]hese women never invite him to join them on play dates” … “I’ve been in the room and they’ve been scared of me” … “No business will give up a single penny of its profits to keep its workers healthy” … “[D]eforestation accounts for about a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions from human activities” … “[T]he blogosphere has responded by raising more than $81,000” … “I am deeply ashamed as a citizen of that country to read this anywhere STILL after all these years” … “Perhaps his campaign promise of peace talks was only a ploy to win votes” … “[T]here was going to be a friggin’ fight if they didn’t let me watch ‘Hee Haw'” … “Plain and simple, there’s not supposed to be a mouse on the aeroplane” … “Once again, IOKIYAR — or in this case, IOKIYACR” … “A trail of blood about one-half mile long was traced from where deputies found the horse” … “Friday the 13th turns out to be a lucky day for a cat that was set on fire” … “We believe in pay for performance” … “[R]eformers were quite pleased with themselves, and celebrated by eating a cake” … “Their flags, their bikes and most of all their daunting presence was the first thing a passerby may have noticed” … “The proof is in her knapsack, in a bright yellow flexible file folder, hidden from prying eyes” … “[H]is $15,000 a month salary choked the shelter, financially” … “[T]he less rules that exist in the American market, the more cost-cutting exploitation they can engage in” … Would the Navajo be inclined to root for or against the Kansas City Chiefs? … “I was a feminazi-hating, liberal-bashing loudmouth who tried to befriend Bill O’Reilly” … “[M]an, the contempt US co’s have for [A]mericans” … “Sean Hannity apologized on the air tonight” … “[O]ne can make out the footprints the astronauts left” … “In the real world, Burton is employed at Rabobank in Palm Springs” … “That’s the sort of miracle we need to replicate” … “[T]he long journey into the outer Solar System should be a quiet one” … “It was the best time of my life and the worst time of my life” … “[O]f all the leaders in the industry that I’ve worked with, he showed more inspiration” … “ABC News’ Brian Ross has a breathtaking record of recklessly inaccurate, overhyped stories” … “At worst, the article is a propaganda tool” … “‘If Michael could push his way out of his grave past all that dirt, I
know he’d say it’s a beautiful world,’ he declared before pulling handfuls of bouncing tiny balls out of his fanny pack” … “[W]hile some forms of horseshit are no longer a problem, others will always be with us” … “Clinton said the time seemed ripe for a peace deal with the MILF” … “Gorilla on the loose in the Mile High City” … “Our American militarists love war so much that they even bankroll the enemy” … “It is important that black people are interested in jazz” … “Some of those expenses include a staggering $15,211 bill at Frasca restaurant” … “I went against my free-market instincts” … And finally, “The state of affairs at the Washington Times, to put it mildly, is in disarray.” ∞

One comment on “Nota Bene #92: Echoblowcation

  1. The ALA’s Code of Ethics: “We distinguish between our personal convictions and professional duties and do not allow our personal beliefs to interfere with fair representations of the aims of our institutions or the provision of access to their information resources.”

    Libraries rock. Maybe i’ll model my socialist-libertarian utopia on libraries.

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