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Tournament of Rock – Legends: Bob Dylan vs The Police

Update 2: The poll is closed. For some reason PollDaddy is having technical issues and as a result you can still vote. However, we have a final tally as of 11 am MST and no further votes are being accepted. Sorry about this.

UPDATE: As much as we love The Police, we never expected this match to be so close. But here it is – 8am, neck-and-neck. We’ll leave the polls open until around 11, so if you haven’t yet voted, please step into the booth…


Results: Can it ever be an upset when the favorite wins? Honestly, even though they’re seeded higher, it has to be a bit of a surprise that The Clash managed to beat “the voice of Generation X.” Or maybe it isn’t… The numbers: #2 The Clash 55%; #3 Nirvana 45%. I don’t klnow about the Casbah, but The Clash will be rocking the Great 8.

Up next, the pain continues in the Budokan region, where the contest to name the greatest band in the world serves up … a mismatch? Or not – you never know with this crowd.

#1 Bob Dylan: Listen #4 The Police: Listen

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Polls close Monday morning.

The updated bracket looks like this:

Image credit: SixSongs.

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  1. Sam,

    You might as well fill in the rest of the beginning brackets as we all know who the bands are now, or do you want one of us to post it for you?

  2. I voted for Dylan because I believe him to be the greatest songwriter in rock history. The Police are important, but Dylan is more so.

  3. Yikes! How come Dylan is leading by only 10%? (The Police were weak. Spoken as a real reggae lover.)

  4. The Police have hardly anything to do with reggae. It’s no wonder you don’t like them. It was one of many influences. I don’t get your hang up about that.