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First Friday – Day of the Dead

by mentalswitch

The iPhone art continues.  Three shots from this past Friday’s Day of the Dead artwalk outing.

Cass of the Dead

Dan of the Dead

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  1. Wow. See, something like this requires both a good shot and some talent with manipulation. That both capabilities now exist on a feckin’ phone amazes me.

    What app are you using to process the photos?

  2. Thanks Slammy!

    In the first picture I used TiltShiftGen and then one or two Vihgo effects. For the second one I used CinemaFX and Vihgo. For the third, just Vihgo.

    I also use PhotoCurvesFree, Pic Grunger, Ransom, Sketchbook (!!!), Photo Finish, iStalin, ColorSplash and DotCamera as part of my main arsenal. There are a few others I use sparingly. And it’s not like Photoshop where you can just work it until you’re happy, whenever you switch apps (sometimes even back and forth) you have to save your picture out and reopen it again. So some of these shots end up with a chain of ten or twelve “reversions” before being done.

  3. No clue. But things like it will be for sure. Android will be completely open and it will be exciting to see what comes of it. I hope it makes Apple more open as well. Most of the tools that I am using are not rocket science tools. Also, most of the companies that develop for Apple already have all of that code ready to reimplement so I imagine that many of the same titles will be out soon.