Your Friday weirdity: why Koreans shouldn't be allowed to play baseball

What. The. Fuck.

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  1. At first, I thought they were going to pull off their cleats and use the pointy ends like a meat tenderizer. “Wow,” I thought, “These guys are bad asses.” How quickly those hopes were dashed.

    However, after some research, I don’t believe this is a professional game. Instead, it’s some sort of fund-raiser with Korean celebrities. They’re playing a game called chicken, where you hop on one foot and try to knock the other person over. I thought that pitch looked slow.

  2. I like Tom’s explanation. And it’s better than them playing ddong-jim…that’s a favorite game of Korean children where you interlock your fingers in a double fist/prayer sort of thing and extend both index fingers. You wait for just the right moment when your prey is turned away from you and not paying attention. Then you jam your index fingers into what would be their ass (if not for pants) and yell, “Ddong-jim!”

    Further, Koreans almost never actually come to blows. The legal system makes you pay for any bodily harm you cause to someone (and not the after insurance cost, the whole thing). So if you swing at me, miss, and i come back and break your jaw…i’m on the hook for whatever costs are incurred with the broken jaw.