Two very different climate disruption messages

Most people view climate disruption as a horror that we and the generations before us are about to visit upon our children and grandchildren. And there’s a great deal of truth to this view. The “civilization will end if we don’t stop global warming” approach is ultimately based on negativity, specifically on fear. But as bad as the future could be, fear isn’t the only way to approach talking about climate disruption. There are positive images and positive messages that can be pulled out of climate disruption as well. It is possible to make addressing climate disruption seem fun, even sexy.

Here are two very different, but simultaneously very effective, examples of climate messaging. First, the negative.

And now the positive.

Which works (better) for you, and why?

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  1. First one, hands down. The latter has appeal to a straight male, but really it’s not about me doing anything, just enjoying the thought.

    That being said, I suggest a better test would be one about a bright future vs dark future. This example is way too apples vs oranges.

  2. First one, easy.

    That’s not to say something with an uplifting message wouldn’t work better – but “act and you can see some skinny models take their underwear off” is pretty dumb. It’s the internet – I can see all the naked women I want! I don’t know who that’s supposed to appeal to. 14-year old boys?

  3. Neither! The “Moms against climate change” meme is ironic, given that climate change is the latest in a growing series of ecological disasters that is largely the result of the exploding human population. Supermodels disrobing (BTW, don’t they almost look like normal humans when they wear 6 layers?) is pointless and just trivializes the issue.