ArtsWeek: Nevermore

by Dawn Farmer

Categories: ArtsWeek

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  1. That’s true. I went running through a neighborhood I hadn’t been through in months yesterday and I saw that some of Obama’s stimulus money was spent on building a steel gate around the elementary school. This is the same school where I ran past an empty box of viagra a few years ago.

  2. Something nearly as creepy – it was taken at an old abandoned Union Oil dock on our waterfront. It has since been torn down and cleaned up. I thought it looked like a prison too!

  3. Ah, brownfields and viagra littered school yards: land of milk and honey i tell ya…

    My kindergarten was fenced like that 30 years ago. It probably had something to do with the school being built amidst public housing projects. By the time my youngest brother went they had internalized all the playgrounds in closed courtyards. But i hear that a lot of public schools these days function more prisons than schools.

  4. oh, i like that. i’ve been trying to figure out how to write that viagra thing into a story. the image has stuck with me. but that first line could be a poem. get to work!