ArtsWeek: Hello Nurse!

by mentalswitch

ArtsWeek continues.ย  Halloween is in the air. So is health care reform. Maybe you can imagine this dedicated health care professional extracting the deductible from your wallet with a hemostat!


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  1. Where was the NSFW part?!?!

    Damn puritans — can’t live with ’em, can’t live with ’em.

    • Hey, I work in a cube farm at a company that would take a dim view of this photo. I wish it wasn’t so (I like my job, but its culture is too uptight about some things), but I appreciated putting it behind the cut.

      NSFW photos don’t offend me at all, but having one pop up on my screen unintentionally could get me fired immediately, with no chance of appeal.

  2. Brian, I understand having places of work that would frown upon NSFW content and I gladly complied with S&R’s decision to flag it but like fikshun I struggle to see what about this pic makes it NSFW. Because it’s a picture of a girl on a social/political blog? By movie standards this wouldn’t get any worse than a PG13 and all of her ‘bits’ are covered with legitimate clothing. I’m certainly not complaining about the need to flag NSFW content but honestly needing to put it on this one surprised me. If you have input I’d love to hear it and anything in the future that might need a flag will certainly get one.

    • Maybe instead of “NSFW” we need a “NSFPW” tag: Not Safe for Puritan Workplace. That would put the blame on the granny-panty crowd instead of the artist.

    • Mentalswitch – I’ve got no problem with what you’re saying at all, or what Slammy’s suggesting. I’d say that 95% of my fellow employees wouldn’t give a damn (it’s a pretty libertarian workplace), but anything even suggesting sexuality is almost definitionally “unprofessional” in a science/engineering company like mine. Especially a company that does work mostly for the government (as any aerospace company who’s not Boeing does) and has to abide by government sexual harassment rules.

      It’s bullshit, and it makes me ill that I even have to worry about something like this, but it’s real.

  3. It’s not NSFW. It’s NSF puritanical, narrow-minded, over-the-top corporate authoritarianism…and “good Christians”.

    That the two are relatively synonymous in we’re-almost-to-the-bottom America is unfortunate. But take heart, we’re only a decade or two out from being a third-world basket case. And when that glorious day comes (dear Lord, please hurry) nobody will give a shit about this kind of thing.

  4. I would fully support something along the lines of Slammy’s suggestions. I’d also recommend the creation of some image that we could put at the top of such posts so that there is a visual grabber for people who are skimming the page for images. I’m not in the business of getting anyone fired, ya know? And along those lines, I really do have to write an article that’s been brewing….

    • Heh. Yeah, you’ve got it worse than I do, no doubt about that. But I seriously doubt you could pay me enough to work where you do. Free trips to Dublin for scientific conferences notwithstanding.

    • I thought there was a proton facility at one of the UCs. And do you only do proton work? There’s heavy ion facilities at other universities. And ionizing radiation facilities all over the place (Mmmmm, cobalt-60…).

  5. yeah. photons happen all over the place. but the cool thing about protons (or any particle radiation, for that matter) is you can target the tumor a bit better. AND 85-90% of “space radiation” is made up of protons…at least in terms of fluence. They are being built here and there now, though. Including one at UPenn. However, most of those facilities haven’t been built or aren’t ready for treatment. I’m actually surprised by the lack of people trying to hire our group out here, but I think they’re having problems of their own to deal with before grabbing other PIs.

    I really don’t think any UC school has a proton facility. Certainly not in a hospital. They’re kinda rare. Besides, I’ve tried getting hired by UC. They don’t want me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Is it as amusing to everyone else as it is to me that a picture of a woman in a costume is NSFW but messing with matter on the atomic level and dealing with radiation IS safe for work? ๐Ÿ˜‰