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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the David Bowie pod

Results: Finally, a bit of drama. And controversy. Followed by a two-day intermission. Sorry about that, RockHeads. In a match that produced lots of comment and way too little respect for some great artists, The Police surge late to nip Billy Joel at the wire. The numbers: #4 The Police 48%; Billy Joel 46%; #5 Graham Parker 6%. The Police move on to the Sweet 16. (Quick trivia – five bonus points to the first person who can tell us where they got their name.)

Up next, our search for the greatest band of all time riffs over to the Budokan region and the artist of a thousand faces who fell to Earth. Is another upset in the offing or will the top seeds continue their recent run of success?

Listen, think, and vote. Polls close tomorrow morning.

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  1. This is the hardest pod of this round. I’m tempted to go with Janis because women are woefully underrepresented in this tourney as they are in rock. However, I’m going with CCR because being a chameleon may be one sign of greatness, but it isn’t enough. (just trying to make sure some controversy occurs to keep Sam happy)

    • I think a vote for Joplin is defensible, although I really don’t see her matching up with Bowie. A vote for CCR in this pod is just rabble-rousing.

      So mission accomplished….

  2. Voting against Rush a few pods back was very sad, but they just couldn’t hold a candle to the others. This time I voted for Bowie with no regrets. Joplin could have easily won my vote in another pod, but not against Bowie.

  3. Will write about why I voted this way at more length later, but I voted for David Bowie. Deep admiration for both John Fogarty and Janis Joplin. But Bowie the greatest of three true greats here….

  4. I voted for Bowie, but I suspect he won’t fare well in future rounds. I’ve always thought he was a little overrated. But maybe that’s just because I really hate Labyrinth.

    Anyway, CCR is a little over its head in these later rounds, and I’ve already talked about how I can’t figure out why Joplin is as highly regarded as she is.

    As for the name, Copeland came up with it because they were rock band wearing a punk band’s uniform. A book on The Police quotes Copeland as saying, “The Police was an entirely fake punk band, wearing a uniform and flying a flag of convenience.”

  5. Where is the competition on this? Joplin and Fogarty are wonderful, but did they invent a whole genre of music. I think not. Bowie is the man( and for a while the woman, and then for a small period of time I’m not really sure…) !

  6. I’ll say this for Joplin…

    I once took a uni course that was supposed to be “the history of rock”, but a sick professor meant a replacement at the head of the class. Instead of rock we got “the history of the blues” taught by an accomplished musician and public radio (WDET) disc jockey. He came to class with arm loads of old records and multiple guitars. Man, it was sweet. We covered some rock toward the end of the semester, and of all the white musicians who adopted the blues he held Janis in the highest regard. He said she really had the blues, she wasn’t just playing it.

    Anyway, i voted for Bowie.

  7. Sam: Beats me. I couldn’t find anything to support your thesis, but I’m certainly not all that knowledgeable on these things either. I will settle for 3.5 points, if you’d like.

  8. Bowie is without a doubt overrated. Not saying he isn’t great, just not as great as many people like to give him credit for.

    Look what CCR (and Janis) did in a few short years. No one sounds like CCR, though many follow in their wake (think most Southern rock and roots rock) and they wrote great songs, Green River, Down on the Corner, Bad Moon Rising, Who’ll Stop the Rain, etc.

    Janis was the premier white female blues singer/belter. She could interpret a song with such passion it can make you cry.

    Bowie is pretty much without passion. Though I do give him credit for bringing Stevie Ray Vaughn to a wider audience.

  9. Tom and Retro agree that Bowie is overrated. I disagree, but you know who’s the most overrated band in the history of rock? The Police. As a reggae freak, I hated them (except for their world-class drummer, Stewart Copeland).