ArtsWeek: Subculture

by mentalswitch

Remember the pictures we shared during the DNC last year? Were you wondering what happened to photography contributor Jack Shaftoe? Well, I’m back.

This set is an introduction to some of my studio work. “Jack” was my political persona but as MentalSwitch I’ve been shooting fine art since 2000 and have been published in the USA, Canada and in Europe. Through my art I explore social taboos and preconceptions (and occasionally just shoot a given picture for the hell of it).

As you view these pictures just remember that members of alternative subcultures are people, too, and are oftentimes very active in social and political change movements.




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  1. Switch: you know I’m a big fan. This is why. Fantastic job capturing people who, like a lot of us, wrestle with convention. I’m blown away by the insistence in these shots that we belong.

  2. For me it’s the woman in the gas mask. The image is the negation of all things human. She doesn’t have a face or nipples and she wired up to the unseen…

    Did you art direct this shot or did the subject bring you the message?

    Really nice work. Makes you look!

  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone!

    Dawn, I concept most of my shoots, especially lately. A lot of the particulars from my early work were “set up neat things and then shoot in the moment”. My recent work has been more about trying to get a single specific shot with more forethought. I think I’ll be sharing a little more on here at some point although most of what I have to share is already on my site, linked above.

    Good to be back S&R!

  4. But Ubertramp, the stories are so very colorful!

    Maybe I’ll pick some of the more conservative shots for next time. Oh wait, I’m a little short on those…