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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Clash pod

Results: Wow. Total lack of drama in this one. Dylan runs off and hides. The numbers: #1 Bob Dylan 86%; The Smiths/Morrissey 7%; The Doobie Brothers 7%. Dylan advances to the Sweet 16.

Let’s mosey our quest for the greatest band of all time over to the Red Rocks region and see if we can find some competition there. Ah – here’s a good one. “Punk icons face a two-front battle vs. Classic Rock mainstays.” This ought to be fun.

Listen, think, vote. Poll closes tomorrow morning.

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  1. Ow. I have to think about this one. I like all three. And the one I listen to the most is probably the least popular critics. Not that that’s ever really been a driver for my votes.

  2. Interesting to have Bob Dylan and the Clash in sequential pods. I categorize them similarly. They both gave rock purpose and meaning.

  3. I voted for The Clash.

    Contrary to popular belief and Sam’s snark (the pic of Dylan holding an “I can’t sing” sign), I am well aware of greatness post-60’s.

    And none are greater post 60’s than The Clash. Mike’s comment describes them perfectly (as it does Dylan): “They both gave rock purpose and meaning.”

    CSN are worthy, worthy. Fleetwood Mac was a great band through “Kiln House.” After that, not so much….

    But Clash are greatest of these three….