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Tournament of Rock- Legends: the Bob Dylan pod

dylanResults: In a pod that pretty much encapsulates everything we’ve come to expect of ToR voters, the ’60s Classic Rock hero wins (narrowly), the popular ’80s band takes second and the critically acclaimed contemporary artist finishes dead last. Anybody see a trend? The numbers: #5 Neil Young 39%; Devo 37%; #4 Radiohead 24%.

Our quest for the greatest band of all time now slides over to the Budokan region. In this pod we meet our first #1 seed, a folk-rock legend who once released a Live at Budokan album.

If you would, listen, think and vote. Also, we’re going to step it up, with a pod a day this week. So polls close tomorrow morning – cast your vote now in order to avoid the last-minute rush.

Which band/artist deserves to advance in the Tournament of Rock: Legends?(opinion)

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    • Aha. Didn’t know about the missile stuff, but I do regard Skunk as having done one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. (Yes, I’m talking about “Reelin’ in the Years.”)

  1. I’ve kinda been obsessed with learning that solo the last few weeks so I came across Randall and of course some fun Skunk info.

  2. Dylan. And with this pod, why the voting isn’t 100% Dylan escapes me.

    Retro: Dylan v Van Morrison – that’s a worthy final.

    BTW, if it weren’t for Courtney Love, Morrisey could easily be the most annoying person in rock history.

    Sam and Darrell: Randall is an amazing dude. And those cascading arpeggios on “Reelin’ in the Years” are as good as it gets….

  3. As far as seeing a trend:

    1) nothing makes a Gen-Xer’s skin crawl like the phrase “instant classic”
    2) legends grow with time

    Also, when you think of the British music of the last 10 years or so, would you categorize it as an “invasion” or perhaps a “collective meh”? Radiohead is very good. Blur has had their moments. Oasis? Sheer meh. Hardly seems like the stuff of legend, but I suppose time will tell.

  4. @ Jim – good call on the Courtney Love/Morrissey comparison. If you can squeeze Bette Midler and Perry Farrell into the room, you might be able to make me stab myself in the ears to distract myself from the pain.

  5. fikshun: re: Midler and Farrell – as Bubba used to say (still does, actually) – “I feel your pain….” as to BritPop, I’m a little less meh than you, but I give the Brits credit for this – their rock scene have been trying like hell since 1994 – the good, creative stuff here (like F8, Doco, and many others), has been marginalized in favor of cookie cutter bands who all sound like they haven’t heard any music older than Pearl Jam (!) and that every freakin’ song they “write” has passed review by the $#@#@#% Matrix….

    • My cousin is in the music business (and he used to be lead singer/guitarist in a band in New England), and he swears that some of the best rock and roll is coming out of Sweeden these days.

      He used to work for a small, semi-independent label (and may still – I’m not sure) and now manages several Sweedish rock bands. His website has a list of all of them, but I’ve only personally listened to Loney Dear and Peter, Bjorn, and John.