Saturday Photo Roundup: early autumn, high country

Hot buttered rums for the house, barkeep.



As always, Ronan tested and Ronan approved.


Happy Saturday, folks.

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  1. Lovely Sam – I thought of you all when the baseball game was postponed. Ronin is handsome as always.

    Today is crisp and beautiful, but I’m just not ready for Winter…

  2. If you live here, you sorta prepare yourself. Fall and spring weather can swing so wildly – hot one day, snowing the next, then hot again. And the gap between high and low temps can be really dramatic, as well. It’s common to have 35-40 degree diffs between overnight lows and the daily highs.

    That said, I think we set a new record for overnight low last night.

  3. I’m not ready for winter yet either, but there’s no doubt that it’s on its way. I spent most of the day bringing the flower beds back down to earth. It snowed a few flakes this morning so i decided that it couldn’t be postponed any longer…sigh. That, and the waves have been regularly crashing loud enough to hear them in the house; a sure sign.

    I brought in a fair number of seeds though. Enough sunflower to plant more than a handful of sprout trays. (or do some serious guerrilla gardening next year) I might have some viable seeds from an upright fuscia and a lilly of the Nile. Plenty of basil for winter growing, and the same with chives. I even found a rooted off-shoot on a dwarf papyrus plant that i dug up and potted…we’ll see.

    I like the snow covered roses, Sam. And that Ronan is one dapper gentleman.

  4. Having deactivated my facebook account due to concentrating on my studies it is nice to still have somewhere interesting to pop into and peruse. Always worth it.

    Gorgeous piccies!

    Hope Ronan gives you as much ‘dog action’ as mine does…although mine is learning to sleep under the desk as I write my essays. Occupying the same chair as myself really doesn’t work!

    …amazing how much S & R and reading you has helped.

    Who said blogging was a waste of time – and this blog in particular?

    Long may you post.


    • Elaine,

      Thanks. As for doggie action, Scotties are known mainly for being aloof and ridiculously independent. He lets me pet him sometimes, though….