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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Radiohead pod

Results: Well, damn. There’s no denying the greatness of Carlos Santana, but there’s also no arguing that this is the biggest surprise of the tournament so far: Santana, the upset machine, laps the field, eliminating Van Morrison and Peter Gabriel. The numbers: Santana 53%; #3 Van Morrison 29%; #9 Peter Gabriel 18%. Santana advances to the Sweet 16.

Our search for the greatest band of all time shifts now to the Red Rocks region, where a band that many (but not all) regard as the greatest of our time entertains two very different and very talented opponents. Hang on to your bloomers, boys. There’s just no telling what’s going to happen in this one.

If you would, listen, think, and vote.

Which band/artist deserves to advance in the Tournament of Rock: Legends?(surveys)

Polls close Monday morning.

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  1. I’d like to rename this pod “3 artists I can only take in small doses”. Went with Radiohead. Musically they’ve pushed the boundaries without being un-listenable. I’ll let others comment on the lyrical content, I’m sure a lot of Neil Fans would give him the edge. Devo’s catalog can’t touch the other 2 here.

  2. I prefer Radiohead, but I think Young has the better record. I voted for him, and it really stings. I look forward to voting against him with stronger opponents. If he makes it that far. Shifting gears…

    “A band that many (but not all) regard as the greatest of our time…”

    While I certainly understand that argument, I don’t buy it either. For me it’s between Green Day (which was short changed by the voters IMO) and R.E.M. Did I miss R.E.M., should I expect to see them with a surprisingly high seed, or did the drafter(s) of this tournament not share the love?

    • I don’t share the worship of Radiohead, either, Tom. And that Green Day thing…well, they’re not the only band to get hosed here. Probably won’t be the last. At this stage I don’t know how anyone can hope to beat Santana.

      You will be seeing REM, yes.

  3. Already regretting my vote because I remembered the South Park episode they appeared in, “Scott Tenorman Must Die.” The band shows up at the very end of the episode to call the victimized titular character “a litt’l cry baby.”

    Fans of the show will remember it as one of the darkest episodes ever (though one without a social message). You can watch it here:

  4. I went with Radiohead. But I LIKE weird shit that makes me think. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But they’re willing to take the risk. I suspect that’s why musicians tend to like him, too.

  5. For not being able to touch the other 2 Devo seems to be holding their own. After I voted for them we have a 3 way tie. Seems this pod should be a good race.

  6. Yes folks, this only gets tougher. Devo is SO important to the whole postpunk movement and therefor all alternative music that came from that. Neil Young is a giant. Radiohead is possibly the most complex, interesting band right now. The way I see it, no matter who wins, I’ll be happy and sad.

    Listening to them, Devo doesn’t hold up as well. I listened to Neil Young and thought, “I have to vote for him.” Then I listened to Radiohead and thought “No, I have to vote for them.” It’s going to hurt either way.

  7. I voted for Neil Young. He is the greatest of the three artists here.

    Think about it, Neil Young is important as a solo artist, as a member of the influential Buffalo Springfield, and and as at least an occasional member of CSN and Y.

    Any of those three would be a hell of a legacy for a musician. And Young has the trifecta.

    Of course, Van Morrison was the greatest of the three artists in the last pod and that didn’t help him.

    Devo are important only for what they helped start, not particularly for any work they did themselves.

    Radiohead lost me after “The Bends.” Write a frickin’ song, already….

    Tom: REM is indeed a highly seeded contestant in this tournament. They’ll show up shortly.