Nota Bene #86: Blog Post Go Boom

I learned something new today. Just wish I could remember what it was. Ah well, here’s something new for you: the latest issue of Nota Bene. Enjoy! … Herschel Walker, ass kicker … It’s not only greed that’s infecting the Fortune 1000 … C’mon, who really wants the endless “Tot Mom” CNN coverage interrupted by this crap? … Rock quote: “The doctors looked me over, poked, scanned and prodded all possible areas” … I KNEW it! The Obama administration’s full of Commie sympathizers! And so’s everyone in New York, apparently … “In the US, a woman has a 1 in 4,800 chance of dying from complications due to pregnancy or childbirth in her lifetime. In Ethiopia, a woman has a 1 in 27 chance of dying … Julian Lennon is a kind soul … Tongue kisses from hell … It ain’t called a kingbird for nothing … Another way too much weight is bad for your healthMetallica sure loves female fans—especially its 85yearold one … Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a nice shiny coup. Thanks! Michele … Santa may indeed have some coup elves in the Sooner State … Foxnewsitis has sadly reached the shores of Old Blighty … Top Ten Staffers Letterman Has Bedded Over the Years: 10. Barbara Gaines; 9. Maria Pope; 8. Stephanie Birkitt; 7. CBS President Leslie Moonves; 6. Jude Brennan; 5. Larry “Bud” Melman; 4. Merrill Markoe; 3. Alan Kalter; 2. Biff Henderson; 1. Paul Shaffer … An indie rock classic turns 20 … Kenny Be to GLAAD: FU … A piece of prog metal history is on the auction block … Given the odds, this was probably the safest flight in history … I still think the punk at Boise State who started this should’ve served a suspension too … Borderline vegetarians, been looking for that one last push over the edge? Read this and have sick sack and veggie tray at the ready … Neal Gabler argues that conservatism has morphed into religious belief … Rock quote: “I think we’ve all got a bit of metal god inside of us.” Or outside of us, as it were … A great man of letters is writing again after a long absence … Fossil fun: Mom?; walking whales; wow, kids still go outside? … I’d rather we were just known for our beer … Rock quote: “I can’t stand the title, ‘heavy metal‘” … Ask and thou shalt receive—I hope … If this may lead to eternity on an Earth controlled by greedy chickenshits and fundamentalist nutballs, I’ll take death … Andrew Sullivan to Obama: STFU … “Banks want to keep students stupid and in debt” … By the gods: the Jim Marshall Triumverate! … Pity the fate of a great hero’s corpse … And finally, this entry will self-destruct in five, four, three, two… ∞

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  1. About those caskets. The issue is that the decision to remain ignorant is OURS. That’s in the Constitution. Also, apparently, is Herschel’s decision to get maimed.

    Finally, remind me to NEVER fuck with a kingbird.

  2. Thanks for that “tongue kisses from hell” link. Also, I never heard of a bird riding on the back of another. Hawks always avoid contact. The thinking is they know that if their wings are injured they’re doomed because they could no longer hunt. Now if the kingbird was smart as well as brave it would go after the hawk’s wings.