London 1958

by Dawn Farmer

This is an unusually personal post for me. I lost my Dad to cancer several years ago. I wasn’t ready for that – he still had more to teach me. He was an avid photographer. The last of his personal effects amounted to several boxes filled with slides, negatives and prints from a life long hobby.

One series of pictures I found especially moving were from two January days in 1958. He photographed his home town to share with his fiancee, my Mom. Here is a look at London in 1958.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these with us. It’s interesting how many of these look exactly the same today, except for the cars. Other places are unrecognizable. But still, it’s London. Such a great city! He’s captured it well.

    • I’m always fascinated by old pictures of places I know now (although I don’t know London, sadly). Here in Colorado, one of the biggest books ever has our premier outdoor photographer tracking around to find the exact spots where our premier photog from a century ago took some of his greatest shots. Then he shoots the same pic and the book puts them side-by-side. Incredible. I imagine a similar project in London would be equally revealing.

  2. So the eye runs in the family then 😉 I loved them, and partly because they’re all in black and white.

    I’ve seen a neat trick a few times on a Russian site: old black whites have portions replaced with new pictures of the same place. The old Siege of Leningrad pictures with bits of modern St. Petersburg were eerie.