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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Eels pod

Another seed holds serve. We’re not surprised that AC/DC won, but we may have expected a slightly closer battle considering the magnitude of George Harrison’s solo career. The numbers: #7 AC/DC 47%; George Harrison 24%; Midnight Oil 16%; Smashing Pumpkins 11%; Fish 3%; Badfinger 0%. AC/DC moves on to the Great 48.

As always, listen and vote, and feel free to wade into the comment threads, where somebody is bound to be getting some 411 dropped on their noggins.

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  1. Wow the Eels get their own pod! Don’t get me wrong, their my favorite band in this pod, but you may have a war on your hands.

  2. This is perhaps the most brutal pod yet. I’m a big fan of Squeeze and The Animals, Frampton and Santana are undeniably legends, and I like Eels, though I don’t think they deserve to be the favorite in this pod.

    Ended up going with Frampton.

  3. This pod, like so many of them, will end up being more about Boomer vs Xer sensibilities than about the artists them selves.

    It amazes me that a band with the songwriting talent of Squeeze is getting ignored – but, like Badfinger in the last pod, they who are so clearly the children of The Beatles are considered unimportant compared to a guitar god like Carlos or Frampton or even Richard Thompson or artsy types like E and the Eels. (Though I give The Eels all due credit as magnificent songwriters.)

    Nice to see that The Animals got a vote – even though they’re more re-interpreters than anything else. They’re pure blues rockers and in their early incarnations were the equals of The Rolling Stones.

    I’m surprised at Frampton’s getting votes – after all, people wouldn’t vote for him when I explained his connection to the Faces through Humble Pie and Steve Marriott. His solo work shows average talent at best. Yes, I know he sold lots of records, but that should never be the most important measure – otherwise don’t we have to consider The Monkees and The Knack important artists?

    I voted for Santana the band – mainly for the wonderful band they were at the time they played Woodstock – especially Michael Shrieve, their fabulous young drummer. And for Carlos himself, one of the great guitarists in rock history – and for doing for Latin rock what Bob Marley did for reggae – taking it to the rest of the world….

    But I think Squeeze almost as important….

  4. Richard Thompson all the way. Yeah, it’s probably a boomer thing. But on the assumption that Fairport Convention (and Sandy Denny) aren’t likely to make it to a pod, given who IS making it to a pod (Peter Frampton? Steve Marriott probably is more deserving), that alone warrants a vote. But he’s also a fantastic guitarist, and one of the best songwriters of the past four decades–and he still puts on a great show. But it’s rock for grown-ups, like Roger Chapman and Jan Akkerman. Just the music, and nothing but the music. Not much demand for that these days. Santana made some fine music, and I’ll have no problem if they win the pod–they would deserve it. But I can’t remember the last time I listened to Santana (or any of the others), and I listen to Thompson all the time, and see him every time he shows up in London. I’ve probably seen Thompson more than any other rocker, even the Dead and the Allmans. And that’s a lot. So I’m biased.

    Squeeze fans will of course know that Glenn Tilbrook played at Fairport Convention’s Cropredy festival a couple of years ago. A great show!

  5. Well, I’m not sure what would be Gen-X here. I’m most certainly Gen-X, but I voted for Santana. I do listen to them/him a lot.

    Richard Thompson is certainly worthy of a vote. Never cared for Squeeze. Somehow songwriting isn’t enough, I think I should like the sound as well. I’d heard of, but am not familiar with The Eels.

  6. Gave it to the Animals. Their cover of House of Rising Sun sold me on their brilliance years ago. And I’m a Gen-Xer