What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

Today is not so much “what” but “why”?

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  1. it’s a yuppie trap! there’s a trap door under it. the owners have a dungeon in the basement to re-educate misguided yuppies into useful, productive members of society.

  2. Cats and traps – also not the answer.

    I was told by the shop keeper that the bag mimicked a wasp nest – and deterred flies in the shop. She thought I was crazy taking pictures of the bag. I explained that I intended to blog this use of a paperbag. I’m pretty sure she thought I was completely nuts.

    When I got home I researched the use of paper bags, wasp nests and flies. It seems to work on the territorial wasp, but not so much on flies. I loved this passage the best:

    The British Broadcasting Corporation has this slant on the subject:
    “Take a paper bag as big as your head and blow it up. Tie off the end so it retains its shape and hang it near where you do not want them to go. The wasps will think it is an enemy nest and stay away. However, wasps are not stupid, just a little slow, so when you have finished whatever it is you do not want the wasps to participate in, take down the bag otherwise they will see through the ruse.”

    The last sentence is a telling one. I doubt any wasp worth it’s sting would be fooled for any length of time. Remember, nature rules! (as written on this forum:

    Happy Wednesday everyone! 🙂

  3. OK, Slammy, how’s this. It’s performance art. Yoko hung up a bag of cat poop and matchsticks. If you climb up a ladder and read the bag, it says “Stomp softly until fire is put out.” Yesterday was the equinox. To the left, just outside of the picture, there’s a magnifying glass positioned in such a way that the light from the sun will hit the magnifying glass and shine on the bag, lighting it on fire at exactly 12:34:56 pm on Sept 22, 2009.

  4. Ahhh.

    Around here they hang plastic baggies of water to keep flies away. It doesn’t work. In fact, I think it makes the problem worse.

  5. @ Farley. Yeah, I noticed that too. I think they’re meant to attract flies … at least of the human variety. I’ve only seen them at Rudy’s — it’s a local chain BBQ restaurant. I think they use the bags of water as one of those faux-thentic hooks to break the ice with new customers … a vaneer of local color or some such. Based on this thread, it has worked as well for Lipton’s.