Nota Bene #84: Lemmy and the Mets

Perfect cure for a hangover: a tasty, hearty mug of Nota Bene. Enjoy! … Rock quote: “Thousands of people were just standing there, wildly applauding [Obama], and it reminded me of Hitler standing on the steps of the Reichstag” … Some of his fans, I reckon … The ultimate golden shower … In related news, drunks can now gleefully whiz in their own gardens … I think I once got this thing out a box of Lucky Charms back in the day … A smart man comes to the defense of blogs … A match made in—well, somewhere loud and dark … Mike Rogers: Good riddance to Jesusland … This is how we beat the Russians to space, by golly … My laundy hamper is a potential goldmine … I wonder if this coincides with the rise of extreme piercings and full-body tats … Rock quote: “I fucking hate nostalgia, [i]t fucking makes me sick; [the CD is] a dead format, we don’t have the attention span for albums” … Beck dreck: The man who enabled a loon; Greg Mitchell takes Time to task over Beck story; the last thing I will ever link to about him … Now you can safely taste Uranus! … “We don’t understand why they are here. There are so many ships but no one seems to be on board” … Yeah, that’ll lift his spirits; also, a bit of Wormtongue in Tolkien? … Rock quote: “If anyone asks me what the greatest electric guitar solo is, I have no problem saying it’s Hendrix’s Woodstock version of The Star Spangled Banner” … Health insurance CEO’s to us: FU … Just a little FYI, France invaded SomaliaDunemall … Oh, how the tobacco-chewin’ mighty have fallen … And these mightys want to get back up … C’mon, we all know the forced camaraderie is bullshit … The ultimate drive-by mooning … I guess this is trying to say that Monsanto’s bad … Past is prologue: “Our distant past was really a battle of brains versus climate” … I bet YOU’RE one—and YOU!—and YOU TOO! … Evidently Ralph Nader is writing a book on the ’00 and ’04 Bush election victories … Well if martyrs can have 72 virgins, this is fair play … Expect his “suicide” any day now … No es que haya nada malo con eso … Rock quote: “Art and music vibrations will finally heal the world and make it into a peaceful world and send all those beautiful vibrations from it to the universe” … Gee, guess why you haven’t heard about thiNEWSFLASH, GLENN BECK SAID SOMETHING OUTRAGEOUS! … I’ll never forget the look on his face as he ridiculously plunged to his death in perhaps the funniest movie ever … To read this link, enter the words you see here: … Santa and the Fuck Club … The Nipple of Doom still haunts the US government … Rock quote: “There’s a good population of people in this country that are terrified of the president only because he’s black, even if they don’t say it. And I think a lot of them, behind closed doors, do say it” … Organizing a priceless library … Who needs a third-rate Howard Beale like Beck when we have this guy? … And in case you’re not despondent enough already … What is it with these gutsy Cynthiass? Sheehan, McKinney—and now Hoover … This guy wants to turn chickens into dinosaurs; these guys just wanna blow ’em up; and this guy—well, I dunno … I hope you roast the bastards, Warren … And finally, Teresa Strosser deals with a stretch mark. ∞

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  1. My country is crazy,
    Sweet land of insanity,
    Of thee i sing…

    “To fertilise [sic] larger areas, many urine-diverting toilets would have to be linked up to a good transportation system, he said.” Port-a-potties, PVC pipes and duct tape should do the trick.

    Franz Ferdinand and Adolf Hitler in 2010: the only way forward is to look back

    I always wanted to be an ’86 Met, and i can’t wait for Tyrannosaurus nuggets! Dokken still sucks. You wouldn’t try it with the new Tyrannosaurus chicken.

    Great NB, thanks

  2. Obama as a Nazi, the Birther movement. . . the hard right needs some new writers to come up with better material.

  3. I think I agree with Vernon Reid about Hendrix’s Woodstock solo. Cool that Reid produces Blood Ulmer. I didn’t even know Ulmer was still alive. Sonny Sharrock, who died, is another great one in the blues-jazz-rock vein.