Black tie

by Dawn Farmer

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  1. So true, the table in this photo was two gorgeous pieces of wood with a natural edge. The two pieces were joined by a pair of these black tie joins at either end. It was stunning.

  2. Wufnik – butterfly joint – makes perfect sense. 🙂 I think of these joints as belonging to pieces created in the Arts and Crafts/Mission style. Is the use of butterflies limited to that style or do you see them in other pieces?

  3. No, they’ve been around for a while, although the Arts and Crafts people used them a lot. There was a famous woodworker named George Nakashima who used them in the fashion you have in the photo–dramatic contrast and functionality combined. Wonderful stuff. Check this out:

  4. Wufnik – OMG, Nakashima’s work is stunning. You gave me a great excuse to take a break at work and look at other examples of his work. 🙂

    Do you do wood working? I took lots of pictures at this gallery – so many wonderful pieces to wish over.

  5. Very amateur stuff, not anything approaching this quality–this is a whole other universe. And I live in a flat now, so I don’t have a workshop any more. I miss having one.