What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

This one is a little different…

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  1. Hmm. The surface of the Moon taking from a height after a really creative astronaut landed there?

    Or the surface of a cookie?

  2. Brian – too horrible to contemplate… to say nothing of offending the delicate sensibilities of our readers…

    JS – I actually thought your astronaut idea was pretty groovy. No word from Ubertramp yet, he may have further intelligence on this subject. 🙂

  3. I haven’t looked and i’m sure someone else already guessed it right… But for posterity’s sake: the sort of paper for one’s posterior.

  4. I apologize for not getting to this sooner, but I’ve been distracted lately with entirely too many things to occupy my time at work. However, when I looked at this image this morning, I immediately recognized it for what it was.

    There is an environmentalist wing of the TI that is very concerned with the incredible number of trees being killed by pine beetles in Colorado (I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Brian was a member). The last time I drove into Denver from California, I was amazed by how many dead trees there were. You can read about it here if you are interested.

    Notice how the layer under the bark of trees infested with pine beetles are lined with characteristic tunnels (see Figure 8 in that first link). Remind you of anything?

    Anyway, NEWTI (New Environmentalist Wing of TI) has had enough of it. So they have genetically modified the pine beetle slightly so that it now will attack toilet paper instead of trees and released them into several forested areas (such as across the Rockies and in Washington St). Much like the med flies being released in California, these modified beetles are sterile.

    The NEWTIs believe that this will not only reduce the beetle population, but will also bring awareness of the problem to the public in general by hitting them where it will cause the greatest chaos (have you ever run out of TP in a public restroom?). Not to mention that most government employees do their best thinking in the bathroom.

    I have to say I think that the NEWTIs may have been too smart for their own good. The flower pattern is actually an artifact of the sterilization process. Since these poor guys are sterile, they don’t really care all that much about reproducing. So they spend a lot of time tunneling in circles.