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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Warren Zevon pod

The Results: So much for trying to stir up a barn-burner with my “thinking fan’s pod.” Commenters mostly acknowledged the excellence of the other competitors, but nonetheless nearly two-thirds cast their votes for our runaway winner, The Beach Boys. Numbers: #6 The Beach Boys/Brian Wilson 63%; Tori Amos 17%; The Stooges/Iggy Pop 11%; Yes 6%; Wilco 3%; The Smithereens 0%. Brian and the Boys advance to the Great 48.

Our contest to name the greatest band of all time now moves to the Fillmore region, where one of rock’s legendary singer/songwriters heads a pod that’s sure to inspire … something. Actually, as hard to predict as our voters and commenters have been, there’s just no telling what to expect. So here it is:

Please register your vote below. Polls close Thursday morning sometime.

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  1. While I think Werewolves of London is an awesome song I agree with Retro that the Kinks should rule this pod.

  2. Let’s drop some 411 here, before this gets out of hand. Over a 35 year career Zevon produced, conservatively speaking, eight 4+ star records.

    I’m certainly not going to criticize a vote for The Kinks, who are unquestionably one of the greatest bands ever. But when we start pretending that Warren Zevon was a one-hit wonder, I’m going to start beating people over the head with the Big Book of Knowledge.

  3. It’s Zevon all the way for me. Too long a career of great music WAY beyond Werewolves. One of the most haunting songs I’ve ever heard is the KBCO Studio C recording of “Don’t Let Us Get Sick.”

  4. “one-hit wonder”

    People who use this phrase in a casual, improper context (i.e., “Los Lobos were a one-hit wonder”) deserve to be locked in a room that plays “Disco Duck” ad infinitum.

  5. i absolutely hate Sonic Youth; and yet i just voted for them. i think i have an internal dialog to go work through now. see you on the other end of the rabbit hole.

  6. I Didn’t call him a one hit wonder that was Sam putting words in other peoples mouths. I just said Werewolves of London was awesome but that I believed the kinks deserved to win this pod.

  7. Fine. I’ll call Zevon a one hit wonder. Not because I think he was, but because Slammy deserves to endure a little teeth-gnashing as payback for the teeth-gnashing we’ve gone through over some of these pods.

    So … Zevon did something other than that song for American Werewolf in London? I thought he was the director’s college roommate or something. Please set me straight, oh oracle of rock ‘n’ roll! 😉

  8. Fikshun,

    I did a bit of research and while he has a long career and accumulated respect in the music industry his only hit (Read as a song making it into the top 100 charts) is Werewolf in London so in a technical sense I guess he really is a one-hit-wonder. 😉

  9. What fikshun says: “…Slammy deserves to endure a little teeth-gnashing as payback for the teeth-gnashing we’ve gone through over some of these pods.”

    What fikshun means: “I’m still pissed off over how my Bungles lost to Denver Sunday and somebody must be made to share my self-loathing.”

  10. As a child, the event that made me decide to be a Bengals fan (I was born in Cincy, but had moved to Colorado by the time I discovered football) was a Bengals/Broncos preseason game that my dad took me to.

    Even then, Broncos fans were such rude, slack-jawed knuckle-draggers that I couldn’t help but side with the opposing team. As Slammy points out, the only 3 constants in life are death, taxes, and the nature of Broncos fans. As they say, it’s better to lose with the one than to win with the other.

    You still haven’t told us about the B-side to Warren’s one single. Is it any good?

  11. James Taylor smiles while he sings, so that’s an auto disqualification. Never really understood the Zevon love, although many musicians site him as an influence. Every time I hear “Somebodys Baby” I think of Fast Times, but that’s still not enough to bump him over Sonic Youth. Voted for Sonic Youth because they are kinda the predecessors of grunge rock.

  12. As Slammy points out, the only 3 constants in life are death, taxes, and the nature of Broncos fans.

    Slammy doesn’t remember pointing this out.

    You still haven’t told us about the B-side to Warren’s one single. Is it any good?

    If my favorite band were The Church, I’d probably steer away from any smack related to how many hits another band had. One-hit wonder or not, one is more than, you know, zero.

  13. Darrell: You voted for Sonic Youth because they’re the predecessors of grunge? I don’t recall you voting for Bob Mould because he was the predecessor of grunge. If I recall correctly (and I do) Husker Du/Mould weren’t even in your top two in that pod (Beck and Petty).

  14. Sam, almost every band that came out in the 90’s grunge era will say that that Sonic Youth was a huge influence, I’m not sure I hear that as much for Husker Du. Plus if you’re going up against Beck that’s a lot tougher.

  15. The Kinks deserve this round on the merits of Father Christmas alone.

    I didn’t even like Werewolves in London all that much. 😉

  16. When i get to Hell, i’ll be stuck in a row boat with James Taylor and Garrison Keillor.
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  17. Lots of good music there. But I had to go with Replacements, one of America’s all-time greatest bands.

  18. Slammy, yes, I’ve heard of Zevon, have one of his albums, it’s nice. I saw him on Letterman a couple times, Letterman is nuts about him. The album I have (I think it’s Live with that werewolf song on it) must not have impressed me enough to pursue him more. I know he’s more than a one-hit-wonder, but does he compare to the Kinks? Not in my book. But I admit to not reading every page covering every artist. I only have 1000 albums/CDs.

    • Retro: Actually, I should be clearer. If you think The Kinks are more worthy than Zevon I might disagree with you, but not enough to argue. Both are legendary talents. It was more your suggestion that JT was more worthy that made me wonder if you’d been free-basing the potpourri….. 🙂

  19. I’m amazed at how little our voters seem to know about the musicians in this pod.

    While I share Sam’s admiration and appreciation of Zevon (and I think ‘one hit wonder” reveals more about those using the term than about Zevon), I didn’t vote for Warren, may he rest in peace. He falls into the “more influence than major figure” category.

    Sonic Youth – They’re just – noisy. And old man that I am, I’m always dubious of bands who claim to be using noise as an “instrument” or “art form.”

    James Taylor – love his songwriting and his voice – but I can’t get past how Zappa described him: “What we have here is a guy with blue jeans, a guitar, and a great deal of personal hurt.”

    Jackson Browne – see Zappa quote about James Taylor.

    The Replacements – A fantastic band led by a guy who listened to The Kinks – a lot.

    The Kinks – The band whose leader, Ray Davies, both Westerberg and Zevon admired. And a major force in their own right – except for Dave Davies destroying Holiday Inn property and The Kinks being banned from visiting America from 66-70 – they’d be as big as the trinity of the British Invasion (Beatles, Stones, Who) in American memory.

    So obviously I voted for them – the artists who matter most in this pod, The Kinks.

  20. Are all the old people on the thread going to yell “Get off my lawn!” if they don’t vote for someone they like?