Nota Bene #83: KMA

Short. Sweet. Enjoy! … MoonstoneGreat White North … “FU, Joe Klein” … Fap, zap, yapEspecially in Spielberg’s handsHope, embodiedI bet it’s trueHey developers: DIAFIt can haz future? … “Meet the new boss” … Famous flinger feted … “No camera can do it justice” … Explains CoulterWilliam B. (& William T.) & JoanWWII’s wild beasts … “Too much information” … You laugh, butMelchy’s magic touchLRADical私は信じて欲しい! … Peanut butter jelly timeThe “oh shit” circuitGraffiti is truly everywhereIsopod got your tongue? … Wingnuts amok out WestNigerian princes relocateStay stinkyDefinitely the ganjaAngel or devil? … Still fabCooler to be born right afterBrainfood, brainfolks & brainfunThe dick-on ruleEveryone holds the youngest record, brieflyUgly, meet StupidDid Big Bang start with a bangor a tweet? … “If Shakespeare was alive today, I’d shit on any work he had” … Run, Eddie, run … And finally, your worst nightmare. ∞

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  1. Thanks for the Norm Borlaug eulogy. I’d never even heard of him.

    “I personally cannot live comfortably in the midst of abject hunger and poverty and human misery.”