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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Beach Boys pod

It was a back and forth affair between the icons of punk and the tragic legends of Southern Rock. In the end, The Sex Pistols put on a final surge to defeat Lynyrd Skynyrd. The Results: #10 The Sex Pistols 48%; Lynyrd Skynyrd 36%; Little Feat 9%; Supergrass 3%; Judas Priest 3%; Alice in Chains 0%.

S&R’s contest to name the greatest band of all time shifts now to the Hollywood Bowl Region, where one of the single most popular and influential artists in history puts his legacy on the line against a pod that represents perhaps more critical acclaim than any other in the tournament. Yes, folks, this is a thinking fan’s dream pod.

Note: Readers are free to consider the work of Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe when evaluating Yes. Likewise, voters are encouraged to ignore “Kokomo” and any other work conducted under the Beach Boys banner during periods when Brian Wilson was not part of the group.

Please review the history and listen links and register your studied opinion below. Polls will close sometime before noon Tuesday.

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  1. Ignore Kokomo…are you kidding? It’s impossible to ignore, and the only antidote i’ve found is to rework all the words to make them about the UP…which is funny, but you’d probably have to live here.

  2. Their Holland album, which sold 3 copies, is a work of art. “Surf’s Up” and “Pet Sounds” aren’t bad either. Beach Boys get my vote.

  3. This is a well constructed pod, Sam, so nice one. I’m voting Beach Boys. Yes and Iggy are deserving also.

  4. I never got the whole Wilco thing. I don’t quite understand all the love they get from critics, musicians and fans. I’ve given them a fair chance, and they just don’t do anything special for me. I ‘ve seen them plenty of times at numerous musical events (were talking at least 5 times) and they’re always been a huge bore. That being said, I don’t actually think their music really broke new ground. I think their music could be categorized as MOR Alt Rock.

    Beach Boys are too big for everyone here.

  5. I had to go for Tori. It was between her and the Beach Boys for me, and as much as I think the Beach Boys will probably win this (and probably deserve to as well), there’s almost no-one out there like Tori. She’s one of the only artists I’ve seen live more than once, and each time was an experience like no other. No open, rainy outdoor venues, but smaller, more intimate theaters where she can take you places that you don’t want to go and introduce you to people that you’d never thought you’d meet.

    Amazing musician and singer, and she could wipe the floor with probably 2/3rds of the pods we’ve seen to date. But almost certainly not this one.

  6. Kudos to Jeff for mentioning “Holland,” one of the great albums of all time – but “Surf’s Up” is a gem, too (oh my god, gotta go listen to “Sail On, Sailor….”) – but there is no album more important in the history of rock than “Pet Sounds” – none – anywhere….Now, I’ve got to go listen to “Caroline, No….”

  7. I’m so sad to vote against the great Yes (and I love the Smithereens too), but this is no contest for me. Beach Boys all the way. Brian Wilson is a god, flaws and all. Carl and Dennis were no slouches, either.

  8. Went with Beach Boys. Still remember first hearing them when their first albums came out. Even back then it was clear their talent transcended the genre they were then working in.

  9. God, I’m bored with the whole Brian Wilson thing. He’s not a genius–he’s a good songwriter with whole lot of baggage who made some pretty good music and got real handy in the studio. Joe Zawinul–that’s genius. But to listen to everyone, especially the media, Wilson’s the second coming of something, although no one is sure what. I still own one BB album–Surf’s Up, which is a good album indeed, and I still listen to it. But, sorry, these guys became stuck in their own legend. Wilson’s ongoing hagiography is one of the more mystifying rock trends. Although not as mystifying as Wilco’s appeal. Boring is exactly the word. So I’m going with the Stooges. Iggy is a world to himself

  10. Only because I know you’re such a HUGE fan. But some small part of you knows he really does suck ass and you know better than to subject the rest of us to it. That’s OK. I forgive you.

  11. Goddammit, Sam. Do you know what simply refused to leave my head today? That’s right, bloody Kokomo…even murdering the lyrics didn’t help. It could have been Barbara Ann or 409, but you had to single out Kokomo.

    If Don McLean somehow weaseled his way into this tournament and you go out of your way to mention the worst song in the history of music, my last act will be to have someone post a video of me committing seppuku with a tree pruning knife to that song as a soundtrack.

  12. Hey! Some of us like that Don McLean song a great deal. One (or two, considering McLean’s other great hit) song doesn’t make Don McLean a legend of rock, however.

    Still, I will refrain from mentioning it’s name out of respect for Lex’s entrails.

  13. GWAR is better than you think, and I’m with wufnik on this one… Brian Wilson is over-rated and Wilco is just boring. Gotta go with Iggy/Stooges.

  14. I like that Don McLean song too. BTW the WORST song ever writen is Ubertramps favorite….It’s a small world 😉

  15. Rho, you’re evil. I now have THAT song stuck in my head, along with traumatic flashbacks to my recent trip to Disneyland. I was ON that ride with the 5 year old when it broke down. The boats stopped moving, but the music kept going.


  16. Rho, just because that song echoes through your empty mind like your skull is an amusement park ride doesn’t mean I like it. Besides, I like the theme music to Aqua Teen Hunger Force better. 🙂

  17. Hey, thanks for respecting for my entrails. My feelings are, of course, subjective. I understand that a lot of people really like it. I once heard a version that i did like. The performer changed all the words and made it about the Muppets.

    To be fair, an inordinate amount of my grey matter seems to be dedicated to remembering song lyrics. It doesn’t take much for something to stick.

    I’m with you Upertramp, i love that theme song.