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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Sex Pistols pod

Results: In our latest match-up we saw an upset that perhaps wasn’t such an upset, especially once voters took into account the full history of Fleetwood Mac instead of just the better-known ’70s popular successes. In the end, Mac picked up a little momentum at the end and nipped The Byrds in one of our closest contests to date. The numbers: Fleetwood Mac 34%; #7 The Byrds 31%; The Velvet Underground 13%; XTC 13%; INXS 9%; The Guess Who 0%. Fleetwood Mac advances to the Great 48.

We now step over to the Budokan region, where our search for the greatest band of all time gets a little eclectic. In this pod, the poster children for punk’s attitude and excess take on a pool of challengers representing … well, just about every style you can think of.

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Polls close sometime Sunday morning.

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  1. Stupid Fleetwood Mac. Anyway, this is a tough one here. I’ve got a soft spot for southern rock, and i’d put “One More From the Road” and “Waiting for Columbus” on the list of best live albums ever.

    For me personally Little Feat is a legend. I love the story that Lowell George wrote “Willin” while playing for Zappa; he played it for Frank and Frank kicked him out of the band (what a lovable asshole that FZ was). It could also be that the tune was/is an anthem for me.

    But judging from the reaction of young folks when i’ve played Little Feat, they might not be well-known enough to be a legend. Skynyrd though is a legend without any doubt. And Judas Priest deserves something for bringing homosexual fashion to metal, right?

    My head says Skynyrd, but my heart says Little Feat for all the times i cued up “Willin” to coincide with taxing down a runway.

  2. Never heard of Supergrass. I don’t hold that against them, I’m sure I’m at fault here. They sound good and I like them.

    I couldn’t remember any Little Feat songs until I went to listen to them.

    Alice In Chains is great and one of my favorites of the grunge era, but against the remaining 3, I don’t think I can vote for them.

    Now the hard part. Judas Priest was a big part of my high school years. I still get a thrill when I hear them on the radio (which isn’t very often).

    The Sex Pistols were great, influential and all that stuff.

    Like the Sex Pistols, Lynyrd Skynyrd basically defined a genre. I think it’s down to these two. Wow.

    I’m going with Skynyrd, which I listen to more often and they have a wider variety of moods (and better musicianship). Besides, the Allman Brothers lost so maybe this will help Southern Rock stay in the tourney.

  3. This is a very tough pod for me. From a critical perspective, I don’t think there’s been one yet that wasn’t tough – and in many cases the pods have been a lot tougher than our voters have realized. Ironic, that.

    Retro’s comment on Supergrass (and the fact that Lex doesn’t even mention them) illustrates the point again. I can make a case for four of these bands (JP and AiC deserve their spots in the ToR but I can’t justify a vote for them over this particular set of competitors). I tend to ease away from Little Feat because a part of me thinks they’re like The Band, only not as good (unfair, maybe – before you hammer me remember that I think LF is a worthy vote here; just trying to find a gap between four great choices). The Pistols were very important, although I can argue that were important despite their music, not because of it. Skynyrd – bigger than life. And they stand out not only because they were so great musically, but because Ronnie was SO MUCH smarter than the long-haired redneck image that most Southern Rock bands traded on. His songs reflect an emotional depth and sensitivity that must have made it hard for him sometimes.

    And then there’s Supergrass, which may (Blur and Oasis lovers brace yourselves) the best of the Britpop movement. They never got as much hype, but go listen to their records. Seriously. They’re one of the greatest and most underrated acts of the past 20 years.

    I haven’t made up my mind yet, is what I’m saying….

  4. Don’t know Supergrass, but Little Feat and later Skynyrd were great. Judas Priest is way too huge to need our votes. (As with almost every heavy metal band, I couldn’t identify one song of theirs.)

    I’m a big punk fan. Went with Sex Pistols, of course.

  5. I’ve heard of Supergrass. I didn’t mention them (like i didn’t mention the Pistols or Alice in Chains) only because you got my all wound up with Little Feat and Skynyrd. And i agree with you, Sam, Little Feat is probably not the legend status that this tournament is about. Personally, i think that “Waiting for Columbus” is about all that really stands out in their catalog, but that’s because it’s the capture of a very tight band at the perfect moment. (And i tend to rate bands, personally, on live performances/albums)

    I voted for Skynyrd.

  6. Skynrd and the Pistols were both huge and influential in each respected genre. It’s probably “Cooler” to vote for the Pistols, but they only had one album and I’m not sure the music was as important as their image. This was easy, went with Skynyrd

  7. Jeez, Little Feat weren’t anything like The Band. Or vice versa. LF, btw, were the Delaney and Bonnie back-up band before they hooked up with Lowell George to become LF. The second one, in fact–the first one became Derek and the Dominoes.

    • Wufnik: I think what sticks in my head is the fact that both had sounds that served to influence the entirety of what we now call Americana. The rustic, countryish vibe. LF was a lot funkier, obviously. So it’s not that I can’t tell the difference. I may have overstated that a bit.

  8. Lex,

    Looks like you and I are bound to disagree. I’m overjoyed that Fleetwood Mac won and that Sex Pistols are winning.

  9. Went with Skynyrd over Judas Priest. I think Skynyrd has aged a little better, which says a lot considering my thoughts on the Sweet Home Alabama/Neil Young thing.

    And The Sex Pistols suck. Really. My ears hurt listening to them. They weren’t the first band that succeeded despite a lack of musical talent, but they’re clearly the poster child. Are they important? If you say so. But if given the choice, I would vote for Wyld Stallyns before The Sex Pistols.

    And for the record, I did the air guitar thing immediately after typing Wyld Stallyns. And I did it again for that second time, too.

  10. By the way, I’ll probably end up buying some Supergrass because of this tournament, so thanks for pointing them out here. Hadn’t heard of them before.

  11. I have to choose between Skynyrd and the Sex Pistols? Not fair! I’ll do it, but it isn’t fair.