Nota Bene #82: Bølverk and the Golden-Faced Warrior

Hope you’re happy, you folks out there. As for me, I’m moderately neato, as George Carlin once said. Linkage ho–Καλή όρεξη! … Behold the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch … I have lots to look forward to … The porn biz has a new gimmick … “Oi! Enter yer Huckleberry Finn if you want bees ‘n’ honey” … Watch a sunset on Mars … “My name is Roger Ebert, and I’m an alcoholic” … What does E=mc2 really mean? … Rock quote: “We used to keep worms in containers under the tour bus; I also remember a maggot scare in a very plush hotel in Amsterdam” … Naked City, indeed … “It’s impossible for a writer in most of Africa to reach a mass audience” … Marty Beckerman has a challenge for you … And you thought the Bushies had the scumbag market cornered … A Pixies classic turns 20 … Texas? Texas? No way, man … Then they heard Load and turned into lemmings … When will Jesus come back and kick her ass? … WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO AXE ME HA HA HA … Rock quote: “While I was in Tahiti I couldn’t find a guitar so I grabbed whatever swam by, that screamed” … I’m pretty sure this is how Caucasians originated … Some vacation photos worth seeing … Paula Poundstone’s amazing cats … “Having a penis used to mean something” … I’m glad someone else notices these things … Felonious Chunk? … Paul Krugman to fellow economists: FU … “What do you mean you forgot to back up the hard drives?!” … Rodney King’s dream comes true … Hang in there, Kerry Livgren … When Google was goo-gooing … This about sums it up … Cumbrian Sky goes all Erich von Däniken—and it’s a beautiful thing … Lily Tomlin turns 70 … Experience the sage funk of Jef Lee Johnson … Writer Manuel Ramos teaches; go learn … Katie Coo is on very thin ice … A Fark favorite is arrested again … And finally, this guy just discovered his 50th comet. What have you done lately? ∞

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  1. Not sure about my blog piece being “all Von Daniken” but I appreciate the plug! Great site you have here. 🙂

    Stu (Cumbrian Sky)

  2. Mike – thanks for all the effort you put into these posts each week. I really enjoy them.

    Regarding the Pacific Garbage Patch – here are two interesting reads: Washed Up the Curious Journey of Flotsam and Jetsam” by Skey Moody. Parts of the book will horrify and parts are so funny you laugh out loud. I did at any rate, but living out in the PNW I’ve seen much of what she writes about.

    The other is a web site tracking the voyage of the Oceanographic Research Vessel Alguita.
    RV Alguita departs today from Hawaii to review a prior expedition in 1999 to study the growth of the Garbage Patch. Interesting blog, lots of cool pictures.

    Love the SciFi hallways!

  3. “Not sure about my blog piece being “all Von Daniken” but I appreciate the plug! Great site you have here.”

    Thanks Stu. I meant that in a positive way… von Däniken was heady, enjoyable reading for me when I was an impressionable kid, and your post elicited those same old feelings in this jaded old brain of mine.