What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer


I’ve been cleared to share the groundbreaking thermoplastic veggie alternative I discovered at the Louisyp’Osb farmer’s market. Clever bio-mimicry has been used to integrate the new food source.

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  1. I’m sure Ubertramp will have the definitive word. Perhaps it’s really alien-grown seed pods intended to be fed to certain health-care reform opponents to realign their thinking …

    • I don’t know, Denny. I still say it’s cantaloupe. Although the more I look at it, I’m wondering if it’s some kind of carnivorous cantaloupe.

      You’re right – Ubertramp is going to have to answer this one.

  2. Sorry to disappoint you. I could make up a story about how this was just a young Sarlacc from Tatooine (, but that would stretch credibility just a bit too far and you all know how I am a stickler for the facts.

    Your original guesses were, indeed, correct. This IS just a regular old Earth cantaloupe. But it explains why Dawn didn’t post a picture a couple of weeks ago, allowing Slammy to post something instead. It took me a bit to track this down because it’s not very well know, but I suspect that Dawn was attending the annual Loisyp’Osb farmer’s market.

    The Loisyp’Osb are a race of vaguely mammalian arthropods that originated on a planet on the outskirts of what we call the Rosetta Nebula. They resemble our mythological griffin, but instead of eagle’s wings, their wings resemble those of our butterflies. They’ve long since lost the ability to fly and the colorful wings are mostly secondary sexual characteristics. The adults are roughly the size of a common house cat, but they are extremely intelligent. Some say they may even be telepathic, although there has never been any verifiable proof. Surprisingly, despite their pronounced claws and teeth, they are a strictly vegetarian race. The pointy bits evolved as part of very rough, sometimes deadly, mating rituals.

    Roughly, two thousand Earth years ago, the leader of one of the major Loisyp’Osb countries established an annual farmer’s market to bring the various people of the planet together once a year to exchange agricultural techniques and ideas as well as to work out any other international disputes. Basically, it’s a United Nations of farmers. This event also coincides with their equivalent of our Summer Olympics. The leader’s name was Choco Piet’nosk Koachi’tck and, in time, the annual event became known as Choco’s Feast. (Note: although the event occurs annually for the Loisyp’Osb, their solar year is roughly 4.6 Earth years)

    I suspect Dawn’s fascination with all things fruity piqued her interest. I’m curious to know what kinds of strange vegetables she saw there.

  3. As expected, you all are on top of your Earth objects. Isn’t it a gorgeous cantaloupe? It was cut end-to-end not across the middle. Beautiful design is all around if we look.

    I am beginning to wonder how Ubertramp always manages to know about my travels… some friends at Cal Poly actually took me to the Louisyp’Osb (say it slowly, sound it out) farmer’s market. I was able to photograph those beautiful wings you mentioned, even though they are shy creatures. I have more fruit photos to share, but you may have to wait on the vegetable images. Some additional permission will be required.


  4. I always cut a cantaloupe from end to end. And as it’s my favorite melon, i’ve sacrificed a Stalinesque number of baby cantaloupes in the pursuit of my own pleasure.

  5. Lex – isn’t that funny – I usually cut along the equator which produces a different pattern. It was marvelous to see the fruit in a whole new light!

  6. Brian, I don’t think I’ve read that. I’ll have to look it up. I do remember writing a bad short story about an intelligent lynx when I was in junior high. He liked the Beatles and the human he hung out with was a runner (which was really more like eco-challenge type stuff before I even knew what that was). I’m also reading a series of books by David Weber that includes empathic tree-cats. They don’t fly either. Books are great, but I envy Dawn for getting the chance to see the Loisyp’Osb homeworld. Hehe.

    Dawn, I keep track of a few members of the TI just in case one of you goes crazy. 🙂

    Dr. D, I’m glad you liked it. But without Dawn’s pictures, I’d just be stuck in my office writing about macrophages. Cool, sure, but not quite in the same ball park.

    Slammy, I bet you don’t have to go all the way out to Boulder to see fruity. 🙂

  7. Wufnik – the first lady surprised us all by coming right out and mentioning Venus. Of course the mainstream media will just think she’s crazy… but obviously you are clever and have put together these Wednesday posts with her experiences. 🙂

    Ubertramp – define crazy… 🙂

  8. Dawn, I have a question. I’m heading to Ireland for a conference next year and I’m thinking about getting a new camera. I have a Canon Rebel now, but it’s about 8 years old and has seen entirely too much salt water during my trips back home to Hawaii. The pictures just aren’t as crisp and focused as they once were. What do you recommend?