Town halls gone wild

Dear Congressman Stupak,

You’ve been taking a beating in the local press recently. Your lack of town hall meetings on health care reform during the August recess appears to be unpopular.

I’ll be honest. I haven’t paid a tremendous amount of attention to the health care “debate”. It’s summer. I’m busy. And frankly, i’ve assumed from the start that the final product will be well less than this nation needs. It won’t be a national health care plan, the solution that’s at least 50 years too late already. GM may not have needed to be bailed out/purchased if we had a health care system like every other developed nation, but we all knew that such a system wasn’t a possible result, so why bother getting worked up by whatever result we get?

I’ve assumed that the best i can hope for is to be required to buy an over-priced, under-covered private insurance plan. (Please feel free to prove me wrong, and i realize that you’re not capable of producing the result single-handedly.) Major American industries set to be reformed have an amazing track record of coming out ahead in the process. Honestly, i have better things to do than wait around for a kiss in this type of situation.

But if i were you, i wouldn’t be holding any town halls gone wild on the matter either. I don’t know what kind of ignorant insanity has gripped this nation, but i fear that it could be contagious. Apparently, a three-cornered hat, a Chinese made “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, and a Glock strapped to your hip is all you need to channel the wisdom of the founders. And over health care reform no less. Where was this when PATRIOTs I and II were passed, or FISA, or the fool’s errands in Afghanistan and Iraq, or the give away of the treasury to a certain bank which shall remain nameless?

We’re not seeing patriots defending their freedom. I’m not really sure what we’re seeing. I keep hoping that it will turn out to be a Monty Python sketch, but i fear that Franklin’s statement to the Convention is closer to the truth.

“Socialism” is the watch word. The fear of socialism is enough to turn what should be open communication between constituents and representatives into the political equivalent of professional wrestling. It’s enough to bring out the guns. I suggest that you propose a bill that requires every recipient of Social Security, disability, unemployment, WIC, the Bridge Card, Medicare, Medicaid, and government subsidies of any sort to write a 1500-word essay before the checks are sent. The essay will define socialism; compare and contrast it with other systems; provide current and historical examples; and examine ways in which socialism may (or may not) co-exist with democracy, capitalism and free markets.

And that’s my compromise position. In the world of Tyrannous Lex, such an exercise would be required for even conversational use of the word.

You’re probably not getting many “keep up the good work” letters these days. But this voter completely understands your position on this matter. As they say on the internet, don’t feed the trolls.

Best of luck on your return to the fetid swamp of philosophical depravity that is our nation’s capitol,


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