Nota Bene #81: YA RLY

Taking a break from posting massive Nota Benes. Ah, who’m I kidding. Bonan apetiton! … Congratulations to new dad Neil Peart and his wife Carrie. Olivia Louise Peart was born August 24 … Rotten honey is yummySpirit marks 2,000 days on Mars … “You haven’t lived until you have heard an eggplant explode in your oven” … Curse of the Cow Tongue … “People didn’t know how much of a painter he was. [H]e just started showing us all these paintings and drawings that he had like at his house. The stuff was amazing” … Some badly needed sunshineSatch gives some serious props to Michael Anthony … Where the hell is King Julien XIII while this is going on? … 15 years since the release of this artist’s one and only proper album … Zoinks! … “[O]ccasionally Wigan has accidents—like inhaling the entire sculpture” … Dead man’s curve leads to dead man in Deadman LakeThis is a first in rock history … So that’s what that thing at the end of my NB posts is called … Don’t these links cancel each other out? … How do you say “AAAAAIEE!” in Swahili? … “Lovely” chat with one of the guitar greats … Well, Starbuck did get around … BESURETODRINKYOUROVALTINE … Rep. Lynn Jenkins challenges Rep. Lynn Westmoreland for House Foole … Music from the 1990’s stank, says Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott … Pedobear hits on an old lady … Showtime’s Nick Charles is fighting cancer … Rob Zombie to remake The Blob … UBM on “the Barack Obama of Africa” … You can almost see Karl Rove’s conscience … “We’re all lifers. It’s what we do. We just keep on going” … Latest in racial profiling: Camping While Brown … Ann Jones says the deck is stacked in Afghanistan … They sell Blue Moon in Zimbabwe? … There is wisdom in the words of Trent Reznor … “The beanbag hit that bear in the ass and then broke the motherfuckin’ glass,” says Police Chief Richard Pryor … Rolling Stone Brian Jones may have been murdered … Rioting in BoulderO RLY? … Those poor Mets … “To boldly go where no Juan has gone before” … Maddox wants swine flu … Things not to do in Denver since they’re dead … Shocked, I tells ya, shocked! … Happy 70th birthday to celebrated sound shaman Paul Canyon … Joe Klein has no love for Glenn Greenwald … Rudy Garcia continues his quasi-vision quest … Sean Carroll: FU, Bloggingheads … R. Lee Ermey is ready to kick some birther ass … Dubya thinks Obama needs to relax more, but has he seen him lately? … And finally, Dr. Drew is ripped! ∞