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Tournament of Rock – Legends: the Joni Mitchell pod

The second half of pool play is off to a … surprising … start, as Robert Palmer eliminates the highest seed so far. The numbers: Robert Palmer 35%; #7 Green Day 29%; Styx 12%; Tool 10%; The Sisters of Mercy 8%; Counting Crows 6%. Palmer advances to the Great 48.

Our search for the greatest band of all time now moves to the Budokan region, where we have our first seeded female contestant.

As always, please click the Listen links to sample the music, then register your vote below.

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Polls close Monday at midnight.

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  1. Sorry, UT. Even though I voted for the late Robert Palmer, I certainly never expected him to defeat Green Day, not did I even favor such an outcome.

    Meanwhile, who in his or her right mind would vote against Joni Mitchell, arguably one of the three of four most influential — not to mention brilliant — artists in the history of rock, along with the likes of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan?

  2. I voted for Motorhead. Lemmy used to be Jimi Hendrix’s roadie/drug scrounger. Imagine Jimi’s career sans drugs. Yeah, I can’t either.

  3. Went with the Doobie Brothers. Joni, Moterhead, and AC had a great influence, but I think the Doobs catalog is tough to beat. They are unfortunately a very under rated band by the public. They were successful with 2 totally different lead singers, and they actually had a variety of different styles of music. I think most bands strive to be eclectic with their music, but most of the time it’s all talk, The Doobies actually had very different sounding tunes, and did it well. This may be the one time where I’ll bend on my influence argument, and go with the all out better band, because they’re one of those bands people want to be like, but don’t necessarily think of. It’s kind of like Tom Petty. I think everyone wants his career, but may not necessarily want to play his type of music.

    Also, 2nd to Bill Clinton, Michael McDonald may also be the blackest white dude ever.

    Pretty easy choice for me actually.

  4. So, Joni Mitchell is rock? (Actually, I don’t want to get into that whole thing again and if someone brings up Marley I think I’ll come through the internet at you.)

  5. Just the fact that Motorhead and Joni Mitchell can be in the same pod proves this is a great country.

  6. Joni beaten by The Doobies – a #$#@#$ dance band.

    More proof of the non existence of deities, aliens, or any other higher intelligences….