What's it Wednesday

by Dawn Farmer

What do you see?

I don’t usually post an alternate version of the image, but there was so much design to celebrate that here it is:

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  1. The planet is N’gomi, of course, but it’s not a light bulb at all. It is an extreme close up of a nanite, just as it is entering into the pore of what looks like an eiwo’bdi, the local equivalent of an electric eel.

    N’gomi suffered from a biological attack about seventy earth years ago. No one really knows where the artificial virus came from, but many believe that it was instigated by the Kaasi as part of a corporate espionage related attack that got out of control. It almost wiped out all life on N’gomi, completely overwhelming the previous generation of protective nanites.

    The virus replicated by co-opting the internal machinery of the old nanites, similar to the way HIV attacks CD4+ T cells on Earth, folding it’s code directly into their cyber-chromosomes.

    Dr. Nicogoss, a N’gomi scientist specializing in AL immune systems, developed the next generation of bots. The idea is rather elegant and simple, actually. The new nanites carry a reservoir of Relffu-743. Once they find an infected nanite, the R-743 is released, initiating a highly reactive oxidation cascade. Essentially, the compound rusts the infected nanite from the inside.

    Unfortunately, this is just a stop-gap solution. They have not yet been able to eradicate the virus and N’gomi is currently under inter-galactic quarantine.

  2. Yes, it is a light bulb. It may be a humble object we take for granted – but look at all the design and science it represents. It deserves to be celebrated with another picture.

    Ubertramp – thanks man, you make Wednesday wonderful. Things are changing on N’gomi… that’s all I can say. 🙂